Seahawks Cut Former Cowboy Julius Jones

The Seattle Seahawks cut former Dallas running back Julius Jones on Tuesday.

We haven’t quite reached the 2004 season in the 50 Seasons Series, but news out of Seattle today relates to the Cowboys’ 2004 draft. Dallas’ first pick that year was Notre Dame running back Julius Jones. He later signed with Seattle but was released today when the Seahawks acquired Marshawn Lynch.

The Cowboys in 2004 had the 22nd pick in the draft. Dallas orchestrated a trade with Buffalo to acquire the Bills’ second-round and fifth-round picks in 2004, along with a first-round pick in 2005. With those picks, Dallas acquired Jones (#43 overall) and tight end Sean Ryan (#144 overall). In 2005, Dallas used the Bills’ #20 pick to take defensive end Marcus Spears.

Jones played four seasons in Dallas and rushed for 3,484 yards. Losman started 33 games in six seasons but is currently out of the NFL.

The Cowboys could have taken Stephen Jackson in the first round of the 2004 draft. However, many were pushing Dallas to take Kevin Jones out of Virginia Tech or even Chris Perry out of Michigan. Neither Jones nor Perry has played since 2008.

Bleacher Report has speculated that the Eagles or Redskins might sign Jones to provide depth. Quite obviously, he won’t return to Dallas.

  • Jason Neighbors

    In hindsight, staying put and picking Stephen Jackson clearly would have been the better option, unless….I have always heard that Jerry Jones was the one behind nabbing Ware at #11, that Parcells wanted to take Spears there. If the Cowboys had only had one pick that year, would Jones still have been able to have prevailed over Parcells to take Ware? If getting Ware was contingent on also having that pick at #20 and still having a good shot at getting Spears to make Parcells happy, then that makes that draft day trade in ’04 worth it. I don’t think Ware would have lasted past #12 San Diego. I do believe the Chargers would have taken Ware over Merriman. You’ll notice Merriman hasn’t been nearly as effective since Wade Phillips left. Now, that could just be coincidene due to Merriman’s injury problems and the fact he can’t do steroids anymore, heh, but Ware’s career has taken off since Wade arrived.

  • I don’t think it was a bad trade at all. Spears has been a starter since his rookie season, and though he doesn’t have sack numbers, that isn’t his job. Of the four running backs the Cowboys could have taken– Jackson, Perry, Kevin Jones, and Julius Jones, Dallas got the second-best back. Jackson wasn’t a sure thing at that point, and assuming that the trade did ensure that Dallas got Ware, this was a great trade.