Thursday Trivia for Week 5

The Cowboys have played Tennessee Oilers/Titans four times since the latter franchise moved from Houston. Here are five questions focusing on those games.

True or False? Michael Irvin's two-touchdown performance against the Titans in 1997 was the last time he caught two touchdown receptions in the same game.

The Cowboys only managed 95 yards in total offense against the Titans in 2000. It was the lowest total the Cowboys had produced since 1991. Against which team in 1991 did the Cowboys only manage 90 yards of total offense?

The Cowboys beat the Titans in week 2 of the 2002 season to improve to 1-1. This marked the first time that Dallas had a .500 record during the middle of a season since which year?

Who caught two 13-yard touchdown passes from Drew Bledsoe against the Titans in 2006?

In the 45-14 Dallas win in 2006, which of the following players did not score?