Tennessee 34, Dallas 27: Wanna Get Away?

This about sums up the Cowboys' 2010 season so far.

This is the second consecutive year that I’ve taken a trip to St. Louis and had to watch the Cowboys find a way to lose a game while I watched at the airport terminal. Last year, the Cowboys couldn’t hold on to a 10-0 lead and fell to the Broncos 17-10. This year, Dallas managed to make every possible mistake in a 34-27 defeat to the Tennessee Titans.

My airline? Southwest.

The slogan?

Wanna Get Away?

It’s a good theme for this season so far.

Wanna get away, Mike Jenkins?

Jenkins was called for pass interference twice on the Titans’ opening drive, giving Tennessee 48 yards. Vince Young’s touchdown pass to Nate Washington gave the Titans a 7-0 lead.

Wanna get away, Stephen Bowen?

The Titans took a 10-3 lead early in the second quarter. On a third-down play from the Dallas 47, it appeared that the Cowboys had forced a punt. However, Bowen was called for illegal hands to the face, giving the Titans a first down. Tennessee scored a touchdown on the drive to take a 17-3 lead.

Wanna get away, entire Dallas offensive line?

With Dallas trailing 17-3, the Cowboys moved the ball to the Titan 34. From there, Tony Romo was sacked for a nine-yard loss, and on the next play, Marc Columbo was called for unnecessary roughness. By the time the Cowboys punted, the team was back at its own 45. Leonard Davis was benched in the game because he could not slow down the Titans’ inside pass rush.

Wanna get away, David Buehler?

The Cowboys managed to tie the game at 17 early in the third quarter, thanks to an amazing play by Miles Austin. Dallas drove down to the Tennessee 19 before Romo was sacked yet again. Buehler attempted a 44-yard field goal but missed right.

Wanna get away, Tony Romo?

With the game still tied at 17, Romo moved the team from its own 9 to the Tennessee 21. Romo decided to fire the ball to Martellus Bennett even though there were four Titans players around. The ball was tipped and picked off in the end zone.

The teams were tied at 20 when they exchanged field goals midway through the first half. With an opportunity to take control of the game, Romo attempted a pass from his own 16. The ball was tipped at the line, and Alterraun Verner picked it off. Chris Johnson’s touchdown gave the Titans a 27-20 lead.

Wanna get away, Jason Witten and Marc Columbo?

Witten went from being a hero to a complete jackass within about five seconds. After scoring a touchdown to tie the game, he flipped the ball to Columbo to allow the lineman to spike the ball. Then the two engaged in a chest-bump that caused Columbo to fall to the ground. Columbo’s fall led to a 15-yard penalty that was enforced on the kickoff.

Wanna get away, kickoff coverage unit?

Buehler kicked the ensuing kickoff from his own 15 to the Tennessee 15. Nine members of the coverage unit wound up on the right side of the field. Mike Mariani turned to his right, where only Alan Ball and David Buehler were. Buehler managed to push Mariani out of bounds, but Buehler also grabbed Mariani’s facemask.

Romo had two chances to tie the game, but the team turned the ball over on downs on one series and Romo threw a pick during the second series.

The total yardage sure looked impressive. Romo threw for 406 yards with three TDs and three picks. Felix Jones rushed for 109 yards on 15 carries. Miles Austin caught nine passes for 166 yards and a touchdown.

None of this mattered. This is just a stupid football team that has managed to lose three games this year with dumb mistakes.

  • Eric Rogers

    It time for Jerry to FIRE Cup Cake!!!!!!!!!

  • Time for a lot of firings.

  • Alex Dantos

    I have and will always be a Dallas Cowboys Fan, and I will continue to endure the verbal assault from the Haters. However, the part I cannot accept is the part of taking and accepting for a repossibility that was grossly paid for by Fans like me. Fans whose week are full of hard work, in orderto fulffill our own responsiblities to our family, friends and communities. Some of us works for a minimum wage, and still manage to fulfill our responsibilities. WHEN THEN, THE OWNER, THE COACHES, AND THE PLAYERS OF THE DALLAS COWBOYS WILL FULFILL THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES TO THEIR FANS!

  • TitanFan

    Nothing but articles today about how the Cowboys blew this game.  No credit whatsoever for the Titans.  Same thing two weeks ago when the Giants lost to the Titans.
    Don’t get me wrong… you guys definitely suck at brains… but nice to see a great game for the Titans D-line.

  • Mario

    Wade its time to go but you’re so far up Jerry’s ass I don’t think you’ll go, unfortunately for us die hard fans

  • TitanFan– That’s a fair point, but this is also a Cowboys blog rather than a newspaper. If the Titans had blown the 17-3 lead and lost, I would expect a Titans blog talk about how Tennessee blew the game. I think the Titans played the smarter and better game, but I don’t think that Tennessee is the more talented team that should have won, especially given that Dallas was playing at home.

  • Mike Little

    Well,so far the working title of the 2010 Cowboy season is Stupid is as Stupid does.Sounds pretty catchy.Starring Gordon Keith & George Dunham of 1310 “The Ticket”as Jerry & Wade.I looked in my Websters dictionary,and wanted to understand the definition of inept,and underachievers.You know what?I found the team picture of this years edition of the Dallas Cowboys.Okay,here’s the upside.We still have 12 games to play,but of course the down side is we still have 12 games to play.Jerry,i have an idea.Trade Wade for Jeff Fisher,and this team gets instantanly smarter than a fifth grader.Nah,it would never work.I can’t imagine the fake Jeff Fisher on “The Ticket.      

  • Would it bug someone if the Dallas Cowboys STAR was displayed upside down? Would it be offensive? Symbolized a Cowboys helmet, after a tackle or something? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqwxZJQfAxY