Tuesday Trivia: The 1-3 Cowboys in 1996

The only time the Cowboys have ever started a season at 1-3 and still made the playoffs was in 1996. The team that year turned everything around by winning 9 of its final 12 to pull out the NFC East title.

Here are five questions about that season, focusing mostly on the 1-3 start.

The Cowboys opened the 1996 season with a loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. Who led the Cowboys in receiving that night?

In game 2 of the 1996 season, the Cowboys beat the Giants 27-0. In the history of the series between the Cowboys and Giants, how many times have the Cowboys shut out the Giants?

The Colts beat the Cowboys in week 3 of the 1996 season to send the Cowboys to a 1-2 mark. Who was the Colts kicker who nailed four field goals that day?

The Cowboys fell to 1-3 in a 10-7 loss to Buffalo in week 4. Who was the Bills' starting QB that day?

The 1996 Cowboys avoided a 1-4 start by beating the Eagles at Philadelphia. The win sparked a streak in which the Cowboys won six of their next seven games. To which team did the Cowboys lose?

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