Start the “Fire Wade” Chants

This season is lost. The Cowboys are a joke.

There are just over five minutes left in the third quarter of the Cowboys-Giants game. That gives fans in attendance 20 game minutes to start the “Fire Wade” chants. This season was lost before the game started, but this game shows beyond any doubt that this is just a bad football team.

This was a game that Dallas led 20-7. At that point, the defense completely fell apart. Sure, Tony Romo will be out for several games with a broken clavicle, but he doesn’t play defense.

Of course, if he did play defense, he couldn’t have done any worse than Orlando Scandrick in stopping Steve Smith. And Romo might have figured out that the strong safety was lined up on Hakeem Nicks.

Funny moment with 7:50 left in the third quarter: Let’s see if the Cowboys can get a stop here on third and five. Result: Of course not; nobody was near Nicks, who picked up the first down with no problem at all.

Offensively, Jason Garrett is showing that he should follow Wade out the same door. Backup QB Jon Kitna can’t complete a pass. The Cowboys are struggling to get back to the line of scrimmage in the running game. That is the Dallas offense right now.

Joke does not even begin to cover this. I’m really just venting.

  • Young Dallas Fan

    I’m pretty sure I heard some facetious “let’s go Raiders” chants at some point in the second half. Ouch.nnThis is the most frustrating season I can remember, with the caveat that I’m in my early 20s. 2000-2002 and 2004 may have sucked, but the results didn’t have the same effect. There’s obviously disappointment, but also a kind of bafflement and needless incompetency. If you can parse that. Bewilderment?nnSome questions after this loss:nnWhat will the coaching staff look like in 2011? (admittedly I started asking this a couple of weeks ago…)nnWill Stephen McGee play? What about guys like Sean Lee, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Danny McCray, etc.nnTop 10 or top 5 draft pick next year? I guess it depends on the play of Kitna/McGee, additional injuries, and if the defensive play can improve.nnSo yeah, what a season. Can anyone remember a Dallas season quite like this one>

  • Fire Jones

    Lets add Jerry Jones to the firing list. He can own the team, but he shouldn’t be the GM. Hire a GM that actually knows football and then maybe we can start putting together a coaching staff.