No Cowboy Makes the Top 25 Players in NFL History

Bob Lilly was the highest ranked Cowboy on NFL Films' Top 100 list. Lilly made it at #26.

NFL Films showed the finale of its Top 100 series tonight.  Jerry Rice edged out the likes of Jim Brown, Lawrence Taylor, Joe Montana, Walter Payton, and Johnny Unitas as the greatest player of all time.

And the Cowboys mentioned in this context?

None. Bob Lilly was the highest rated Cowboy, but he appeared all the way down at 26 behind John Elway, John Hannah, and Dan Marino. Those three don’t bother me, but the fact that Deacon Jones was ranked 15th does. Lilly made more Pro Bowls and was named All-Pro more times. Moreover, Lilly was the best defensive player on a team that won the Super Bowl title and was a playoff contender for many years in a row. Jones’ teams in Los Angeles were not of the same caliber.

The players whom the Cowboys can claim as their own include:

26. Bob Lilly, DT

28. Emmitt Smith, RB

46. Roger Staubach, QB

62. Randy White, DT

77. Tony Dorsett, RB

80. Troy Aikman, QB

92. Michael Irvin, WR

95. Larry Allen, G

Other players who spent time in Dallas include:

34. Deion Sanders, CB

38. Lance Alworth, WR

54. Forrest Gregg, T

59. Mike Ditka, TE

64. Herb Adderley, CB

  • Ronsite_81

    I quit keeping up with this when Roger Staubach was listed as number 46. Cmon people, #46 really?? Barely in the top 50?? Did these people watch NFL football back in the 70’s?

  • Krl97a

    I called it. I knew there would be a lot of Cowboys, but that most of them would be ranked too low, especially when I saw that hacks like Sabol and King were behind this farce. The panel was a mix of solid individuals and Dallas hating scumbags, and the latter formed a big enough faction to skew the rankings. Lilly also has more Pro Bowls and first team All Pro selections than Joe Greene, and yet is ranked twice as low. There’s no excuse for not ranking a single Dallas player in the top 25. This list is a joke. Hopefully the next one to come along will pick panelists who don’t have an ax to grind.

  • Brian Huskey

    Larry allen at 95?? comon this guy made ALL present and former OL look bad, ridiculous!!!rnNo other OL in the top 100?? one of the reason emmitt gets as much grief as he gets is that he played the greatest line of all time.rnMichael Irvin at 92? should have been higher, I understand he didnt play a long career, but still. he changed the game.rnTroy should have been a bit higher, being the top qb of the 90’s in a decade of passing profiency….not to mention 3 rings rnTony dorsett also had a short career, strike shortened ’83, and then never did much in denver under the elway show. The clips they showed of him, popped my eyes out of their sockets, and I had allready seen them all once.rnRandy white should have been top 50, from 75-87 wreaked havoc, was double and triple teamed most of his carreer.rnRoger staubach should have been top 20 period.rnEmmitt Smith should have been top 15, the guy re-wrote the rushing record what was thought of before he retired as being untouchable now IS !! Holds multiple league records, 4 rushing titles, top 3 in history in TD’s, and people give me the garbage that he ran untouched, go back and watch all the clips of this guy going into a big crowd of defenders and then popping out like a bar of soap, and of making people miss, and uding these bursts of speed, that nobody thought he had, truly a player taken for granted by non pokes fans and cowboys fans alike. He was truly special, I would take him ANYDAY and twice on sundays over barry whats-his-name who was in detroit. If I had a drive that a TD had to be scored on, I would take Smith over any other back in history as well, he NEEDED the endzone like we need breathrn