The Cowboys Have Become a Fantasy Football Patsy

Should we continue to kick the Cowboys while their down so low?

Why, yes, we should.

If this season weren’t bad enough, the Cowboys now have to be among those bottom-of-the-barrel teams that fantasy football owners call patsies. In the past couple of years, patsy teams have included the likes of the Lions, Bills, and Browns. If an owner has a player who faces one of these teams, the owner is best served by starting the player that week.

The Cowboys have faced some fantasy football studs so far—Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Arian Foster, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Maurice Jones-Drew are easily among the top 10 running backs from week to week. The Cowboys have stopped none of them. Dallas has also made fantasy heros out of quarterbacks Vince Young and David Garrard, as well as receivers Hakeem Nicks and Mike Sims-Walker.

The Dallas defense was one of the first to go in one of my leagues, but the person who took Dallas has long since dropped the Cowboys’ D. Dallas has averaged less than 7 fantasy points per week, and it’s only that high because of decent numbers against the Texans and Giants.

Here are the numbers put up against the Cowboys this year. These numbers are based on standard scoring rather than points per reception or any other variation. For comparison purposes, the list also includes the averages of the top players against the Buffalo Bills, whom most consider to be the patsy of the 2010 season.

Running Backs

Week 1—Clinton Portis, Washington: 6.40

Week 2—Matt Forte, Chicago: 12.60

Week 3—Arian Foster, Houston: 10.60

Week 5—Chris Johnson, Tennessee: 25.20

Week 6—Adrian Peterson, Minnesota: 14.10

Week 7—Ahmad Bradshaw, N.Y. Giants: 12.80

Week 8—Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville: 14.80

Average among these backs: 13.79

Average of top backs vs. Buffalo Bills: 16.4


Week 1—Donovan McNabb, Washington: 8.54

Week 2—Jay Cutler, Chicago: 23.38

Week 3—Matt Schaub, Houston: 11.64

Week 5—Vince Young, Tennessee: 17.12

Week 6—Brett Favre, Minnesota: 6.72

Week 7—Eli Manning, N.Y. Giants: 25.14

Week 8—David Garrard, Jacksonville: 30.60

Average among these quarterbacks: 17.59

Average for quarterbacks vs. Buffalo Bills: 17.11


Week 1—Santana Moss, Washington: 7.70

Week 2—Devin Hester, Chicago: 13.70

Week 3—Kevin Walter, Houston: 10.40

Week 5—Kenny Britt, Tenneseee: 14.60

Week 6—Percy Harvin, Minnesota: 9.90

Week 7—Hakeem Nicks, N.Y. Giants: 24.80

Week 8—Mike Sims-Walker, Jacksonville: 21.30

Average among these receivers:14.6

Average of top receivers vs. Buffalo Bills: 10.5

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