Comparing the Golden Anniversary Team to the Silver Anniversary Team

The new book America’s Team: The Official History of the Dallas Cowboys features a listing of the team’s Golden Anniversary Team. In a previous post, I noted that there were a few mild surprises. Here is the complete list, which also notes the members of the Silver Anniversary Team who didn’t make the cut a quarter century later.



Roger Staubach, 1969-1979

Troy Aikman, 1989-2000

Didn’t make the cut: Don Meredith, QB, 1960-1968

Running Backs

Tony Dorsett, 1977-1985

Emmitt Smith, 1990-2002

Don Perkins, RB, 1961-1968

Didn’t make the cut: Walt Garrison, 1966-1974

Wide Receiver

Michael Irvin, 1988-1999

Bob Hayes, WR, 1965-1974

Didn’t make the cut: Drew Pearson, 1973-1983

Tight End

Jason Witten, 2003-present

Didn’t make the cut: Billy Joe Dupree, 1973-1983


Mark Stepnoski: 1989-1994, 1999-2001

Didn’t make the cut: John Fitzgerald, 1971-1980


John Niland, 1966-1974

Larry Allen, 1994-2005

Didn’t make the cut: Herb Scott, 1975-1984


Rayfield Wright, 1967-1979

Erik Williams, 1991-2000

Didn’t make the cut: Ralph Neely, 1965-1977


Defensive Line

Bob Lilly, 1961-1974

Randy White, 1975-1985

Ed Jones, 1974-1985

Harvey Martin, 1973-1983


Chuck Howley, 1961-1972

Lee Roy Jordan, 1963-1976

DeMarcus Ware, 2005-present

Didn’t make the cut: D.D. Lewis, 1968-1981

Defensive Backs

Mel Renfro, 1964-1977

Everson Walls, 1981-1989

Cliff Harris, 1970-1979

Darren Woodson, 1992-2003

Didn’t make the cut: Charlie Waters, 1970-1981; Cornell Green, 1962-1974

Special Teams

Mat McBriar, P, 2004-present

Didn’t make the cut: Danny White (as a punter) 1976-1985

Rafael Septien, K, 1978-1985

Deion Sanders (as a punt returner), 1995-1999

Bill Bates (as a special teams player), 1983-1997

Head Coach

Tom Landry, 1960-1988

  • Ronsite_81

    Pretty good job, of selecting the team in my opinion. With so many great players throughout the years, it would be very difficult to narrow each position down.

  • It’s hard to argue with Sullivan’s choices; but I think he weaseled a bit in picking two QBs and three RBs. He chooses eleven defenders, but thirteen offensive players? C’mon — man-up and make a decision!nnRoger over TroynEmmitt over TDnnFeel free to disagree with me!

  • Anonymous

    The only one I would really disagree with is Erik Williams. Had Williams continued to play at the same level as he did before accident in ’94, there’s no doubt he would belong. I would have stuck with Neely.

  • Krl97a

    Two QBs, three RBs, one TE, only starters on defense……..seems kind of random. Frankly I find the prospect of filling out an All Time 53 man roster more interesting.