Green Bay 45, Dallas 7: Dead on Arrival

Alan Ball displays his principal coverage technique.

Kristi Scales of the Cowboys Radio Network interviewed a very sarcastic Jerry Jones before tonight’s game. She asked what might have changed between last week’s game and tonight’s game. His response: “Well, we’re playing in Green Bay. That’s a change.”

His comment had quite a bit of truth to it. The Cowboys displayed the same game plan they had against Jacksonvilleā€”can’t go anywhere and can’t stop anyone.

This was never really a game, and I don’t think anyone needs a reminder that Dallas has the dumbest team in the history of the NFL. Even when Jay Ratliff blocked a long field goal attempt by Mason Crosby, Terence Newman accidentally kicked the ball, drawing a 10-yard penalty.

With the Dallas offense capable of doing next to nothing, it was just a matter of time before Aaron Rodgers would start destroying the terrible Dallas secondary.

No need to go into details, as no member of the Dallas secondary shows any ability to cover a pass. It’s bad enough when Orlando Scandrick looks much worse than Jacques Reeves used to look. It’s another matter when Mike Jenkins looks like he belongs on the practice squad. Also needless to say is that Alan Ball is the worst safety in the league.

On offense, Dez Bryant gave everyone something to cheer about with two nice receptions late in the first half. This included a two-yard touchdown reception. Bryant caught nine passes for 86 yards with the score.

Of course, Bryant joined in on the stupid mistakes. With the score 45-7, Bryant decided to field a punt that was sailing over his head. The ball went right through his hands, and Green Bay recovered.

Those other Dallas weapons? Jason Witten had 3 receptions for 44 yards. Miles Austin caught 2 for 16. Roy Williams had 1 for 6.

Um, weapons?

The rushing game was a comedy. Until Dallas started runningĀ  a little bit more in the fourth quarter, Felix Jones and Marion Barber had combined for five yards on six carries. The Cowboys thus had a shot to break the record of one rushing yard set in the season finale against Washington in 2007. Before that, the record was 8 yards, set against New Orleans in 1998. The Cowboys finished with 39 rushing yards, making this the third consecutive game that Dallas has rushed for 50 yards or fewer.

Can’t wait for Jerry’s comments after this one.

  • Ronsite_81

    EM BARE ASS ING! Are you having as much trouble watching this whatever it is that is called Dallas Cowboys football this year?

  • Anonymous

    I’m trying to laugh my way through this. That’s kind of like laughing my way through a broken arm.

  • Setitin

    it could’nt happen to a nicer owner! Karma from the treatment of Landry is coming back to haunt jerry.rn

  • Bigro

    I can’t seem to log in to the Dallas Cowboys Official site. I’m wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem or if it’s my stupid laptop.

  • Anonymous

    The official site was down for most of the day. It should be up now, though.

  • Debra

    Well guys…..they are having some trouble this year but if your a true fan you love em…winning or losing. RIGHT. GO COWBOYS