So Now the Cowboys Have Failed to Renew Their Domain Name?

It isn’t possible that anyone thinks the Dallas Cowboys are a competent football team. Many of us are concerned with the competency of the franchise itself, given some of the decisions made during this and previous offseasons.

But as for complete and utter incompetency, nothing beats what you will find today if you visit That is, of course, the team’s official website. It’s the website that fans should visit if when someone clicks on the link from But if you read a news item that Wade Phillips has been fired and replaced by Jason Garrett and want to go to the official site to see if it’s true, this is what you will see:

So while Jerry is deciding whether to fire Wade, he decided also to dump his entire website?

If you aren’t aware, this is the type of filler page you will see when someone has let a website’s domain name expire. Incidentally, the initial bid for through NameJet starts at $69. So not only have tickets prices fallen through the floor, but the website of a franchise worth more than a billion dollars is now up for less than $100.

As for whether Jerry fired Wade, that story came from Bill Jones on his Twitter account. ESPN reports that Wade was at the practice facility today.

I feel awkwardly comfortable referring to these people by their first names right now.

  • DW94 to that it’s registered through 2020. I saw someone posted it as a comment at Rafael Vela’s website.

  • Anonymous

    It may well have been an error on the registrar’s end. I just thought the timing of it was classic (and really not in a good way).

  • DW94

    Oh, I agree. It’s like something out of a Woody Allen flick or an article from The Onion.nnI found some other musings on the Jack Pardee Oilers (more specifically the 93-94 versions). Are you interested?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, very interested. Wade’s career ended in a manner nearly identical to Pardee’s, except that Pardee was fired at 1-9.

  • DW94's from the advanced stats site Football Outsiders. They finished coimpiling and released their data for the 1993 season this past February. After the chart displaying the rankings, they have commentary on Houston’s season. nnTwo comments on the article are also pertinent as well. Comment #3 by Tom Gower, who co-writes a weekly article for the site, and comment #50 by “Stravinsky.” It seems like they had quite a season.