2010 Cowboys May Set New Lows in Individual Statistics

The Cowboys have reached the midpoint of this dreadful year, so this is as good a time as any to look at the team’s statistics. If individual members of the team continue their performances from the first half of the season, this year will rank with some of the absolute worst seasons in team history in terms of statistics—not that this is at all surprising.

Given that Tony Romo is likely out for the season, we won’t focus on passing statistics. It is noteworthy that Romo had a completion percentage of 69.5% at the time he was injured, which is the highest of his five seasons as a starter.

The projected stats are based solely on the statistics from the first half of the season.


Felix Jones

Projected Rushing Stats: 146 attempts, 604 yards, 4.1 average, 0 touchdowns

Note: The last time a leading rushing on the Cowboys had so few yards was 1989, when Paul Palmer gained 446. The stunning part of that reference: Palmer gained 446 in nine games. Jones has 302 in eight games this year. The last time that a leading rusher had such few yards playing an entire season was 1976, when Doug Dennison had 542 in 14 games.

Marion Barber

Projected Rushing Stats: 142 attempts, 422 yards, 3.0 average, 4 touchdowns

Note: Barber was more productive even as a rookie, when he gained 538 yards with five touchdowns.

Tashard Choice

Projected Rushing Stats: 22 attempts, 60 yards, 2.7 average, 0 touchdowns

Note: Choice had six games in 2008 and 2009 where he rushed for more than 60 yards.

“Three-Headed Monster”

Projected Rushing Stats: 310 attempts, 1086 yards, 3.5 average, 4 touchdowns

Note: Fourteen individual running backs who gained more than 1086 yards in 2009. Thirty (yes, 30) individual running backs scored five or more touchdowns last year as well.


Miles Austin

Projected Receiving Stats: 90 receptions, 1314 yards, 14.6 average, 2 touchdowns

Note: If Austin kept up his overall pace from the first half of the season, he would come close to matching last season’s numbers. However, in games against Houston, Minnesota, New York, and Green Bay, he has had a combined total of 9 receptions for 86 yards with no touchdowns. Those are numbers more indicative of the 2008 version of Miles Austin.

Roy Williams

Projected Receiving Stats: 46 receptions, 666 yards, 14.5 average, 10 touchdowns

Note: Give the man some credit—if he keeps this up, this will be his highest output since 2007 in Detroit.

Dez Bryant

Projected Receiving Stats: 76 receptions, 870 yards, 11.4 average, 8 touchdowns

Note: Drew Pearson only had 388 receiving yards as a rookie in 1973. Michael Irvin only managed 654 yards in 14 games as a rookie in 1988. The only rookie who had a more explosive first season was Bob Hayes, who gained 1003 yards on 46 receptions and scored 12 touchdowns in 1965.

Jason Witten

Projected Receiving Stats: 90 receptions, 1012 yards, 11.2 average, 6 touchdowns

Note: Witten is barely on pace to record his third 1,000-yard season.


Projected Points Allowed: 464 (29 points per game)

Note: The most points the Cowboys have ever given up in a season is 405 in 2004. The worst season in terms of points per game allowed was 1962, when Dallas gave up 402 in a 14-game schedule. This year’s Cowboys would demolish both low marks unless the team figures out how to stop someone.

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