A Peculiar Fact About Stadium Debuts in the Cowboys-Giants Rivalry

Did you know…

That when the Cowboys or Giants have played the other for the first time in a new stadium, the home team has never won?

I’ll even stretch this fact a little bit to include the 1960 season, even though Yankee Stadium was hardly new at the time. Here is a summary:

1960—First Game at Yankee Stadium

Dallas 31, N.Y. Giants 31

This was the Cowboys’ lone tie in an 0-11-1 season. It was as good as a win for rookie head coach Tom Landry, who had been an assistant with New York.

1961—First Game at the Cotton Bowl

N.Y. Giants 31, Dallas 10

One year later, the Giants scored 28 consecutive points in a 31-10 route of the Cowboys.

1972—First Game at Texas Stadium

N.Y. Giants 23, Dallas 3

The Cowboys and Giants had played in 1971 in the Cotton Bowl, so they did not meet at Texas Stadium until the final week of the 1972 season. Dallas never made a game of it in a 23-3 loss.

1974—First Game at the Yale Bowl

Dallas 21, N.Y. Giants 7

Two years before Giants Stadium opened, the Giants played their home games at the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut.

1975—First Game at Shea Stadium

Dallas 13, N.Y. Giants 7

The Giants played one season at Shea Stadium, and during that season, the Cowboys erased a second-half lead for a 13-7 win.

1976—First Game at Giants Stadium

Dallas 24, N.Y. Giants 14

The Giants hosted the Cowboys in the first game ever played at Giants Stadium. Dallas ruined the day for New York in a 24-14 win.

2009—First Game at Cowboys Stadium

N.Y. Giants 33, Dallas 31

The Cowboys had a 31-30 lead late in the game, but the Giants drove to set up a game-winning field goal by Lawrence Tynes.

2010—First Game at the New Giants Stadium

Dallas 33, N.Y. Giants 20

The Cowboys came into the game with a 1-7 record and an interim head coach but left with a stunning win over the Giants.

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