2006 Revisited: Saints Expose the Cowboys in a Late-Season Matchup

Julius Jones' 77-yard touchdown run was one of the few Dallas highlights the last time the Cowboys hosted the Saints.

Tony Romo started his first NFL game in week 8 of the 2006 season. Thanks to his solid play, Dallas was able to turn around a 3-3 start and had an 8-4 record heading into a week 14 showdown with the New Orleans Saints, who were also 8-4.

The game wasn’t close. Dallas had no answer for anything that Drew Brees and the New Orleans offense did, including the Saints’ use of fullback Mike Karney, who scored three touchdowns.

Perhaps the greatest indignity—the Saints could have score even more than 42 points, but rookie head coach decided to spare his mentor, Bill Parcells, from further embarrassment.

The game took place during my first year of blogging. My comment about the defense had a tone to it similar to what we saw this year from the Cowboys.

I have no confidence that Dallas will– on a week-to-week basis– put together a game plan that will stifle an opponent. It’s either that, or this team does not have the talent that many thought. What the Giants were able to do on their last drive last week– you know, the one where the Cowboys’ defense could have ended it– New Orleans did all game. 536 total yards for the Saints.

Here are the video highlights from that game:

Following the loss, Dallas managed a win at Atlanta to clinch a playoff berth. However, the Cowboys did not win another game in 2006, losing in the first round of the playoffs to Seattle.

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