Mat McBriar’s Career Season (So Far)

Mat McBriar is having the best overall season of his career in 2010.

After seven seasons in the NFL, Mat McBriar has already established himself as the greatest punter in team history. His career average of 45.4 dwarfs nearly every other kicker. In fact, the only Dallas punter to come close to his career average was Sam Baker, who averaged 44.7 yards per kick in two seasons in 1962 and 1963. In terms of punting average in a season, McBriar has had five of the top six seasons, with only Baker’s 1962 season elipsing any of McBriar’s five best efforts.

Although McBriar has had a better gross average in the past, his 2010 campaign may still be his best. He’s led the league in gross average before (as he does this season), but for the first time, he also leads the league in net punting average.

Below is a look at McBriar’s career stats in terms of gross average and net average, including his rank among NFL punters. He made the Pro Bowl after the 2006 season. He had a better season statistically in 2008, but it was cut short due to injury.

Season Gross Ave. NFL Rank Net Ave. NFL Rank
2004 42.4 15 35.1 25
2005 42.5 21 37.1 15
2006 48.2 1 38.6 4
2007 47.1 5 38.5 10
2008 49.0 3 38.8 10
2009 45.1 11 39.9 10
2010 48.2 1 41.9 1

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