200-Yard Receiving Performances Against the Cowboys

The 2010 Cowboys may not go down as the worst team in franchise history, and the defense may not quite make it to the cellar as far as defenses in team history. That doesn’t mean the defenses isn’t giving some infamous squads from the past a run for their money.

Consider this:

In the team’s first 50 seasons, during which the Cowboys played 778 games, Dallas allowed two receivers to gain 200 or more yards. In the past two weeks, the all-star duo of Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins—along with their splendid safety help— has given up the same number of 200-yard performances.

Year, Name, Team, Rec., Yds., TD

1962, Johnny Morris, Chicago, 10 Rec., 201 Yds., 1 TD.

1973, Harold Jackson, L.A. Rams, 7 Rec., 238 Yds., 4 TD.

2010, Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis, 14 Rec., 200 Yds., 1 TD.

2010, DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia, 4 Rec., 210 Yds., 1 TD.

As for the defense as a whole, the Cowboys really need to give up more points if they want to beat the average number of points allowed per game set by the 1960 Cowboys.

Year, Ave. Points Allowed

1960, 30.75

1962, 28.71

2010, 28.15

2004, 25.31

To match the 1960 Cowboys, the current team would need to give up 42 points a game against the Redskins, Cardinals, and Eagles. The 2010 team has a better chance to catch up (um, down) to the 1962 squad, as the current team would need to average giving up 31.12 points in the final three games.

The defense currently ranks 31st in the NFL in points allowed and 25th in yards allowed. In terms of yards allowed, the team has never finished lower than 20th. The only season that compares is 1960, when the team finished last in both categories in a 13-team league.

  • Hey, look at the bright side. At least we’re watching history being made lol