Video: The Perfect Example of Our Inept Secondary

With the game on the line, Mike Jenkins and Terence Newman let Santana Moss run right between them.

With the Cowboys trying to hold on to a 30-22 lead on Sunday, Washington faced a first-and-goal from the five. Dallas needed a stop.

Anthony Armstrong and Santana Moss lined up right, with Armstrong on the line and Moss back a step as a flanker. Terence Newman lined up over Moss, while Mike Jenkins lined up on Armstrong. The Cowboys brought six, so Newman and Jenkins were playing man on the receivers.

Armstrong ran a hook at about the one, while Moss split Jenkins and Newman on an angle route. Both Newman and Jenkins jumped on Armstrong, leaving Moss all by himself. At that point, Moss had already scored two touchdowns, so it wasn’t as if Dallas had no reason to keep an eye on him.

Here’s the video:

The Dallas defense as a whole is bad, but no unit on this team has fallen from grace quite like the secondary. Newman looks like he’s aged by 10 years, while Jenkins looks like his regressed to the point that Jacques Reeves no longer looks so bad. We haven’t said this in eight years, but Dave Campo needs to be fired.

Of course, Rex Grossman threw the ball out of the back of the end zone, so perhaps I’m just being too negative.

Then again, Washington scored on the next play when Grossman hit Chris Cooley over the middle. So no, I’m not overreacting.

  • I think Newman is still pretty banged up with rib and ankle injuries. Probably has a lot to do with him seeming so slow out there.

  • Anonymous

    That one looked like it was on Jenkins. I have no idea why Jenkins would man-up against Moss but have responsibility for Armstrong. There obviously wasn’t a safety anywhere near either of them.

    Newman has been beaten physically this year, but he has also made some bad mental errors. If I were Arizona, I would give Fitzgerald and/or Breaston about a half-dozen shots to run right past Newman on a go or a deep post.

  • We rarely have a safety anywhere near anything, heh. Oh yeah, near the opposing receiver as he’s crossing the goal line…