Don Meredith in Big Game America

Don Meredith was featured in NFL Films' Big Game America.

A couple of years ago, NFL Films released a DVD titled Big Game America: Legends of the Autumn Vol. IV. I found a copy in a $5 bin. The DVD has one clip that features both Don Meredith and former Minnesota defensive end Jim Marshall.

The clip focusing on Meredith is interesting. Meredith discusses not only his role as the team’s leader, but also his reaction to the fan’s terrible treatment of him. This was filmed during Meredith’s final season in 1968. An example of his self-deprecation is apparent in this quote:

I’m probably the best example that I can think of a guy who is the most unlikely looking candidate for professional football. I’ve got horrible legs; my ankles are all torn up; I’m not really that big; I’m not fast; I’m not really that smart. And yet I’ve played nine years . . . .

Here’s part of the clip featuring Meredith:

The video showing the Cowboys and Packers is from a preseason game on August 24, 1968. The Packers won the game 31-27, as Meredith only played the first half. Green Bay later handed the Cowboys their first loss of the season in October.

  • Tim Truemper

    Great Matt! Thanks so much. I was 13 when this aired on TV. What a treat to see this.