Garrett Becomes the Dallas Cowboys Eighth Permanent Head Coach

As nearly everyone knows, Jason Garrett officially became the Cowboys’ permanent head coach on Thursday. Jerry Jones has apparently taken a few steps forward by announcing that Garrett has control over the hiring and firing of personnel. Jerry also said today that he would not put a player on the roster without first seeking approval from Garrett. Two good signs.

Then Garrett went and ruined the whole moving-forward sentiment by indicating he wants to return the team to its glory days of the 1990s.

Along with Tom Landry, Garrett is the second coach in team history who played professionally. He is the third coach to hail from the northeast; the other five coaches were raised in the south. Garrett is also among six coaches with prior experience as an NFL assistant.

Here’s a table showing a few of the facts about the eight head coaches. Garrett’s record includes his performance as an interim this year.

Landry Johnson Switzer Gailey Campo Parcells Phillips Garrett
Year Hired 1960 1989 1994 1998 2000 2003 2007 2010
Place of Origin Texas Texas Arkansas Georgia Connecticut New Jersey Texas Pennsylvania
College Texas Arkansas Arkansas Florida Cent. Conn. St. Wichita State Houston Princeton
Professional Player Yes No No No No No No Yes
Prior Experience, College Head Coach No Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Nat’l Championship, College Coach No Yes Yes No No No No No
Prior Experience, Assistant Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Super Bowl/NFL Titles as Assistant 1 0 0 0 3 0 0 0
Prior Experience, Head Coach No No No No No Yes Yes No
Super Bowl Titles as Head Coach 2 2 1 0 0 2 0 0
Head Coaching Record in Dallas 250-162-6 44-36 40-24 18-14 15-33 34-30 34-22 5-3
Overall Head Coaching Record 250-162-6 80-64 40-24 22-26 15-33 172-130-1 82-61 5-3
  • B Arnold

    no surprises on this choice. Jason is another yes man to dumbass Jones