Vote for the Greatest Dallas Cowboys Team of All Time

Vote for your selections for the greatest Dallas Cowboys team of all time at ESPN.

ESPN has posted a feature allowing you to choose the greatest Dallas Cowboys team of all time. Hardly an original idea, but it beats griping and complaining.

Some highlights of the voting so far:

* Troy Aikman has a significant lead over Roger Staubach (54.8% to 42%). Tony Romo is a very distant third.

* Deion Sanders has a big lead over Mel Renfro and Everson Walls.

* The #3 running back behind Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorsett is Herschel Walker rather than Don Perkins.

* Charles Haley has a lead over Harvey Martin, but both trail Too Tall Jones.

* Four players have received at least 90% of the votes so far. This includes Smith (98.1%), Michael Irvin (95.8%), Dorsett (94%), and DeMarcus Ware (92.5%).

  • B Arnold

    the 1971 Dallas Cowboys best ever.

  • Tim Truemper

    Thansk for the heads up Matt. I normally don’t look at the home page for ESPN. Interesting error on the part of the poll. The picture for Tony Hill is a picture of Calvin Hill.

  • Anonymous

    Good call on the Tony Hill mistake. I didn’t think this poll was anything original, but I liked the template ESPN used. I was a little bit surprised that the current players didn’t get more votes from the younger fans.