Cowboys Fans Only Ranked Twelfth Worst by GQ

Once upon a time, the Cowboys had appeared in more Super Bowls than any other pro football team, and no franchise could match the sustained success that Dallas had. And during many of those years, Cowboys fans were probably the most reviled of any fans anywhere. That suited us just fine.

But the Cowboys have had trouble escaping mediocrity. And while plenty of folks like to try to remove the America’s Team title from the Cowboys, Dallas fans are apparently not as hated as we once were.

According to GQ, Dallas fans rank as the twelfth worst fans in all of sports. We don’t even rank as the worst in pro football, as fans of the Raiders and Eagles rank far ahead of the Dallas fans. This is somewhere between a travesty and an abomination. The Eagles shouldn’t rank ahead of us in anything.

Here’s the list:

15. L.A. Lakers
14. Univ. of Oregon basketball
13. Univ. of Wisconsin football
12. Dallas Cowboys
11. Montreal Canadiens
10. L.S.U. football
9. N.Y. Yankees
8. Duke basketball
7. Penn St. football
6. Boston Red Sox
5. Univ. of Maryland basketball
4. Oakland Raiders
3. West Virginia Univ. Mountaineers
1 (tie) Philadelphia Eagles
1 (tie) Philadelphia Phillies

The best name that GQ could do was to refer to Cowboy fans as Deluded Trash-Talkers. As for the reason why Dallas fans are the twelfth worst:

The swaggering diaspora of Dallas fans insufferably mouth off about the invincibility of “America’s Team,” as if they’re rooting for our entire country and not a franchise that has won two playoff games in the past fifteen years. To set the record straight: The nickname came from a 1978 Cowboys highlight reel, not some edict from Uncle Sam. And they’ve sworn their allegiance to a front-running team that isn’t even good enough to run up front anymore.

I’m not entirely sure, but apparently author Adam Winer is employed by GQ, and this represents his second contribution. Great start, dude.

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