Mocking Some Old Mock Drafts, 2006-2010

This is a continuation of an earlier post reviewing some old mock drafts focusing on the Cowboys.

Some of the Cowboys’ past few drafts have been predictable, but certainly not all of them. Here are a few predictions that either thankfully or regrettably did not come true.


Cowboys’ needs: More defensive players to finish the transition to a 3-4.

Quite a few names surfaced in what turned out to be Bill Parcells’ final draft with the Cowboys. Football’s Future had one name that would have been a pretty good choice:

Kamerion Wimbley, DE/OLB, Florida St.
Ware and Wimbley off the edge could be a devastating duo.

Cleveland snagged Wimbley with the 13th pick, so Dallas had to settle for Bobby Carpenter. The result: Wimbley has had 35.5 sacks in five season with Cleveland and Oakland. Carpenter is probably out of football.


Cowboys’ needs: Many thought Dallas would take an offensive lineman with the #22 pick. Others thought Dallas would go with a safety.

Then there was Walter Football, which had Dallas taking a receiver.

Dallas Cowboys: Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC
I’ve had Dwayne Jarrett slipping into the second round for months now, so you can imagine my surprise when I heard multiple sources telling me that the Cowboys are very interested in him. That’s fine; Jarrett’s going to be a solid player and Dallas needs a receiver behind the aging Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn.

The receiver idea wasn’t bad. Jarrett would have been: Four seasons, 32 games, 35 receptions, 1 TD.

Dallas got Almost Anthony Spencer, and though Spencer has not always lived up to expectations, Jarrett would have been a disaster.


Cowboys’ needs: The Cowboys were coming off a 13-3 season, so there were no real pressing needs. However, Dallas again had two first-round picks thanks to a trade with Cleveland the year before.

Football’s Future had one prediction that would have been nice:

Dallas – DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal
Teaming with TO gives the Cowboys as explosive a WR duo as there is in the league.

Several had Dallas taking Arkansas running back Felix Jones with the #28 pick. Instead, Dallas took Jones at #22 and Mike Jenkins at #25. Jackson fell all the way to #49 overall, where the Eagles took him in the second round.


Cowboys’ needs: Receiver, defensive back, offensive line.

The Cowboys thought they had a Super Bowl team in 2008, but that squad only managed to finish at 9-7. The team needed to retool in several areas but lacked a first-round pick thanks to a trade with Detroit for receiver Roy Williams.

Hard to find a mock draft that predicted into the second round, but Walter Football had a pick.

Dallas Cowboys: Rashad Johnson, FS, Alabama
Ken Hamlin was torched repeatedly last season, primarily against the Ravens in a must-win game. The Cowboys needed upgrades at both safety positions before they signed Gerald Sensabaugh.

Johnson still isn’t a starter in Arizona, but he’s better than the guys the Cowboys picked up in 2009. Remember those guys? The ones who never played a down with the Cowboys?


Cowboys needs: Offensive line, receiver, secondary

The Cowboys looked as if they were ready to take the next step after winning playoff game in 2009. Sports Illustrated had the Cowboys getting another defensive back from South Florida:

S Nate Allen, South Florida

The Cowboys could still use an offensive tackle to integrate into their lineup, but USC’s Charles Brown is the only consideration remaining, and he doesn’t carry a consensus first-round grade. Allen’s name has surfaced in connection with the Cowboys, and as rumors go, it has the ring of truth.

It’s a bit early to question the Cowboys’ selection of Dez Bryant. However, once again, the Cowboys passed on a player with first-round talent, and the Eagles were able to snag that talent in the second round. Allen started 13 games as a rookie with Philadelphia in 2010.

  • Schunt01

    Barbra Carpenter was a REAL head scratcher. Everyone knew that there was a linebacker from Ohio State with long hair worthy of a first round pick, the Cowboys were the only ones who thought there were two. That pick falls squarely on the head of Parcells. Apparently he coached Barbra’s dad. Parcells recently admitted to making a mistake in drafting Pat White in the second round for Miami, why wont he man-up on this colossal blunder?

  • feifdog

    Bottom Line: Jerry Jones is not a player-personnel guy. The picks have been uninspiring and really off the mark. Bring back Jimmy Johnson just to evaluate talent and draft for the Cowboys. We won super bowls because he knew talent.

    First round picks don’t win super bowls. Talent in the entire draft does.

  • Anonymous

    You are certainly right about needing to find talent throughout the entire draft. My problem is that Jerry’s ability to manage the draft is limited to trading picks for picks under the guise of value. That’s effectively become a smoke screen for the truth that the Cowboys as an organization are mediocre at best and too often poor at evaluating talent.