Cowboys Rank #82 in Best-Paying Sports Teams in the World

According to ESPN the Magazine, the Cowboys rank #82 in the world in terms the average annual salaries of each player. Dallas pays its players an average of $2,679,093 per year, or $51,521 per week.

The top team overall is Barcelona of the La Liga soccer (football) league. The top U.S. team are the Yankees with an annual average salary of $6,756,301.

As for the NFL, Dallas ranks 6th. Here are the top 10 among NFL teams:

1. Washington (70th overall): $2,913,048

2. New Orleans (74th overall): $2,845,831

3. Minnesota (75th overall): $2,826,007

4. Chicago (79th overall): $2,719,637

5. Seattle (80th overall): $2,697,114

6: Dallas (82nd overall): $2,679,093

7. Oakland (85th overall): $2,653,532

8. Green Bay (90th overall): $2,592,050

9. Detroit (97th overall): $2,476,803

10. San Francisco (99th overall): $2,446,040

Noteworthy, I think, that five of these teams had identical 6-10 records, and six of the teams missed the playoffs in 2010. On the other hand, of course, Green Bay managed to win it all.

The lowest-ranked NFL team, incidentally, was Tampa Bay, with an average annual salary of $1,623,709. The Buccaneers finished last season at 10-6.