Miles Austin Ranked 70th Best Player of 2011

Miles Austin ranks 70th in's Top 100 in 2011 has been running a feature about the top 100 players for 2011, assuming there is a 2011 season. Three Cowboys have made the list so far, including Jay Ratliff (75th), Tony Romo (72nd), and Miles Austin (70th).

Austin looked like he could belong among the top five receivers in the league based on his performance over the first quarter of the 2010 season. But he had a case of the drops, and he struggled once Tony Romo went down with his injury. Over the last nine weeks of the season, Austin too frequently managed only two to three catches per game, and without other consistent weapons on the team, his drop in productivity hurt as much as other areas.

Not arguing that he doesn’t belong on the list, but I think 2011 will be important for him to show he is truly a star.

Romo made it a #72, which sparked expected debate. Roger Staubach thinks Romo can be a Super Bowl QB. Others think he is mediocre, including this fan on a “fan rant.” Yes, news is slow these days.

As for Ratliff, New York Giant head coach Tom Coughlin interestingly was the featured “presenter” on Coughlin notes that Ratliff is clearly one of the team leaders, and the clip shows Ratliff barking orders at not only the defense but also the offense.

  • I think Staubach’s opinion holds a little more weight lol