The Lockout: Fan Unrest and Bad Blogging Environment

ESPN ran a story today with Roger Goodell admitting that the lockout has affected the NFL’s fan base. A comment:

“Clearly it has had an impact on the fans,” Goodell said as the owners completed their spring meetings. “We see it in various metrics. There’s been a noticeable change, TV ratings were down on the draft roughly 4 million people. traffic (is down), we see that.”

Off-season blogging hasn’t ever been much fun (this is my fifth since opening the blog), but it has never been this bad. Some choices for blog topics:

(a) Cowboys’ cheerleaders appear on CMT’s The Singing Bee.

(b) Debating why Tony Romo would invite Jerry Jones to Romo’s wedding.

(c) Yet again, and I mean YET AGAIN, having a debate about what went wrong in 2010 and what the Cowboys need to do to right the ship.

(d) Quoting Jerry about his happiness over the Mavericks’ success.



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