A Look Back (1993): Emmitt Runs Over Eagles for 237 Yards

As the lockout continues, we will periodically consider some stories from various archives. This one focuses on Emmitt Smith’s record-breaking performance against the Eagles in 1993.

Most remember the 1993 season for the team’s ability to overcome an 0-2 start to finish at 12-4 on the way to a Super Bowl title. While Dallas was struggling, the Eagles jumped out of the gate with a 4-0 record.

By the time the Cowboys traveled to Philadelphia in week 9, both teams stood at 4-2. It was a rain-soaked game, and the teams amassed only 203 passing yards combined. Dallas had some trouble shutting down Heath Sherman and Herschel Walker, who combined for 136 rushing yards.

The Cowboys jumped out to a 10-0 lead in the first half, but the Eagles wouldn’t go away. Philadelphia cut the Dallas lead to 13-10 in the fourth quarter, but the Cowboys had a solution.

The first was a 40-yard field goal by Eddie Murray, which increased the Dallas lead to 16-10. The ball hit the crossbar but still went through.

Dallas then stopped Philadelphia, setting up one of Smith’s most famous runs of the 1993 season (see below). Smith finished with a team record 237 yards on the day.

Below is a clip from the game. Smith’s 62-yarder begins at 9:22 on the clip.

Here are a few other notes about this clip:

*The Philadelphia QB was Ken O’Brien, the former Jet. He failed to win a single game in four starts with the Eagles after both Randall Cunningham and Bubby Brister went down with injuries. Philadelphia could only manage an 8-8 record after its 4-0 start.

*The late Godfrey Myles came into the game (0:49). It was his first action since Super Bowl XXVII, during which he suffered a knee injury.

*6:08: Smith gained 15 yards after bouncing to the outside on a lead draw. That helped to set up Eddie Murray’s 40-yard field goal (at 7:25). Until that run, he had only gained 25 yards in the second half.

* Until this game, Dallas had gained at least 230 passing yards in its six previous contests. Troy Aikman had trouble throwing the ball in the rain, and he managed only 96 yards. Michael Irvin had only 36 receiving yards, breaking a streak of three straight games with more than 100 yards.


  • Abelardo Villarreal

    Remember this game, what a performace by Emmit Smith. Thanks for the memory jog!

  • Jason Neighbors

    Darn, the NFL already pulled the video.