Cowboys About to Release Leonard Davis?

The Cowboys are expected to release several veteran players to get under the salary cap. The team is reportedly $20 million over the cap heading into training camp.

A couple of names of veterans expected to be released are not surprising—Marion Barber, Roy Williams.

But then there is a report today that the team will release right guard Leonard Davis. He would count $6 million towards the cap, so this probably makes sense, but at this point, the entire left side of the line is unsigned.

The other news today is that the Cowboys are about to get into an expensive bidding war with Tampa Bay to sign Free.

Update: Missed the story late Tuesday night that the Cowboys had signed Free to a four-year, $32 million contract.

Hard to be confident when the team may or may not have its starting left tackle, left guard, and right guard. Many expected Marc Columbo to be on his way out, but he may have to start again on the right side with rookie Tyron Smith taking over on the left.

Another Update: With Free’s signing, Colombo may be much closer to leaving now.

  • Jason Neighbors

    Davis seems to be like feast or famine. When he gets on someone run blocking he is very powerful and can carve a hole. But he’s not quick on his feet, and that gets him beat too much. I think the Cowboys could live with that, but after last year you have to question his effort. The Cowboys certainly must be to be considering letting him go.
    You know, I read a story once about how Gurode had to help out Davis a lot in pass protection. Gurode gets a lot of criticism, but he seems to be well respected by his peers (as evidenced by the Top 100 voting), and he has gone to 5 straight Pro Bowls. He can make a case for being the best center in Cowboys history- him or Step. But a lot of fans would put John Fitzgerald ahead of Gurode. Fitz was a good, solid player but did not have the talent of Gurode. Anyway, if Gurode had a more athletic guard to his right that he didn’t have to worry about, I wonder how much more his game would improve? Just a thought.
    Of course, it’s doubtful the Cowboys will even be able to find a free agent guard as good as Davis. Just a cheaper one, heh. Or hope David Arkin is one of those rare 4th round rookies who can step right in. Of course with the Cowboys track record of finding exactly one good lineman since Gurode out of what, like 50? Yeah, not holding my breath. But hey, what is being a fan about if not about hoping lol?
    My dad is a lifelong Cardinals fan, and they made the Super Bowl a few years back. You never know lol. He certainly never thought he’d live to see it!

  • Anonymous

    My biggest concern is exactly the one you made about the Cowboys’ track record. Had the team drafted anyone of halfway decent quality (other than Free) in the past seven or eight years, we wouldn’t be so concerned with sorting through the free agent leftovers. I wasn’t terribly happy with Davis last year, for the reasons you pointed out, but I am not sure who the Cowboys could afford and who would not be a major dropoff from what Davis has to offer.

    That said, I suppose it’s possible to put together a more athletic line with less-than-household names, so perhaps not all is lost.