Yuck Times Three: Eagles Corners vs. Cowboys Receivers

Not a good day today.

Apparently, the Cowboys thought they were a few minutes away from signing cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. Then the bottom fell out and he went to the Eagles.

So on the same day that the Cowboys lost receiver Sam Hurd to Chicago, the team discovered that it will have to face a division rival with three Pro Bowl corners.

So here’s a picture when Dallas travels to Philly on October 30:

Asomugha lines up on Miles Austin and completely takes Austin out of the game.

Asante Samuel lines up on Dez Bryant and holds the second-year receiver to an average game.

Rodgers-Cromartie might not have anyone to cover, given that the Cowboys’ slot receiver right now is…

Wait, who is the Cowboys’ third receiver? Kevin Ogletree and his ten career receptions? Manny Johnson and his one career catch? 6th-round pick Dwayne Harris?

So Rodgers-Cromartie superfluously double-teams a receiver or lines up on Jason Witten.

The Eagles also have a promising safety in second-year player Nate Allen. Meanwhile, the Cowboys at the moment don’t have a starting safety under contract.

No, not a good day today.

  • Anonymous

    you assume way too much IMO. Their LB’s suck and we will run all over them and use our speedy RB’s to catch passes out of the back field as well. Besides SD and Rivers/Jackson had no problem with Nnamdi, Is the Rivers/ Jackson combo that much better than the Romo/Austin combo? I doubt it.   F the Eagles.

  • Anonymous

    I very much hope you are right and I am wrong. I am thinking, though, of the December 12 game from last year– Austin finished with 2 receptions for 22 yards while Felix and Choice combined for 57 rushing yards. We moved the ball (and stayed in the game) thanks to our tight ends and backs out of the backfield (like you mentioned). However, the Eagles defense will be better with these two new corners, and I don’t think we’ve gotten much better by adding Murray and nobody else.

  • Anonymous

    Keep the faith and F THE EAGLES!!!! LOL

  • tyrant

    The last time they played Austin took NA to skool!!!