Cowboys Contenders by 2013?

The Cowboys’ free agency plans thus far have focused on signing their own players and bringing back backups who have gone on to start elsewhere. That trend continued on Tuesday when the team resigned strong safety Gerald Sensabaugh.

This may not be a bad move, but the secondary that was so disgraceful for much of last season will return three of the four starters and the same secondary coach. It’s little wonder that most of the recent discussion on the team’s fortunes for 2011 have focused on whether the team will even make the playoffs. Consider:

Anyway, almost nobody is mentioning the Cowboys as a Super Bowl contender (one year removed from predictions that Dallas would win the NFC). With dead money possibly accounting for about 15% of next year’s cap, the team may not improve much for 2012.

According to the Dallas Morning News’ Rick Gosselin, the Cowboys may not be a contender until 2013.

Is this a quieter, less-spending version of Jerry Jones?

This is a Jerry Jones that has to get his salary cap fixed. I mean, this team has been a financial mess. Like I said, next year they already have $20 million in dead money on the books and the cap doesn’t figure to go over the $120 million it is right now. I wouldn’t expect him to be very active next year either. I think this team has to get younger and has to get it’s cap fixed. And I think you’re going to see a year and a half of rebuilding. I think 2013 is the year you’ll see the Cowboys make their run. Those older guys in Philadelphia will have lost a step. They have to get younger. I think they have to overhaul this offensive line. Next year you could see four guys under the age of 28 on the offensive line. This team has got a salary cap issue and they have to get younger as a result.

  • Jason Neighbors

    One thing that gives me hope- whenever this time has low expectations they surprise everybody. It’s when they have high expectations that they go out and suck.

  • Anonymous

    Jerry has been much more subdued in his comments during the past week. That’s a plus in itself.