Friday Fun: Guess This Cowboy

This is a picture from one of the old college all-star game. Which future Cowboy appears here?

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  • Jason Neighbors

    Can we get a hint?

  • Anonymous

    Cleveland won the game 24-16. Gale Sayers did not play as expected. The future Cowboy shown in the picture returned punts.

  • Tim

    Looks like Cleveland Browns vs Colege all-stars. Cleveland won the NFL Championship in 1964 and the all-star vs NFL Champions game would have been in July or August of 1965.  
    First thought it was Mel Renfro but he was a rookie in 1964.  On the PFR page Dallas drafted a couple of RB’s who made the team but were not well known.  So, don’t know….

  • Timothytrump

    The image of this web post says it is Bob Hayes.  I forgot Hayes was drafted in 1965 and thus, is the PR in this picture.  Should have known!

  • Anonymous

    That site has all sorts of information, and not just about the all-star game.