Tuesday Trivia: Bill Parcells’ Last Preseason in Dallas (2006)

Most had expected Bill Parcells to turn the Cowboys into contenders by 2005. However, the team had made the playoffs only once under Parcells, and the 2006 squad got off to a shaky start during preseason. Here are five questions about that preseason.

Most of the news about the 2006 training camp focused on the Cowboys' signing of Terrell Owens. What were the terms of his contract?

Terrell Owens suffered an injury during training camp in 2006. What did he injure?

One of the 2005 draft choices had to retire because could not recover from a knee injury. Who?

The Cowboys signed kicker Mike Vanderjagt in 2006, but he suffered through injuries during training camp. Who handled kickoffs during preseason games?

The Cowboys had a chance to go undefeated in the preseason but ended up tying the Minnesota Vikings. When was the last time the Cowboys went unbeaten during the preseason?