Monday’s Lurker Summary: Nonsense About Garrett on the Hot Seat

Notable comments from my forum lurking…

Pokes12 on CowboysZone asks whether there is any point to listening to Jerry Jones.

If you heard Jerry Jones during he Dolphins game you were told that M. Holland showed great and surprising stamina and would be a great contributor to the team this year.

Now he is gone. JJ has no clue about the team he is the Emperor and he hasNO clothes.

Our great GM missed numerous times to improve the team. Merriweather would have been an upgrade…..latest best available that JJ could not complete.

In the age of the Great Purge wouldn’t it be great to get rid of the biggest Pant Load of them all???

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A writer for Yahoo! pondered whether Jason Garrett could be on the hot seat if the team fails again this year. The Dallas Morning News then posted about it. A commenter going by Raz07 responded:

Yeah, this is what critics like this guy fail (or avoid) to look at…

There’s a ‘clean up’ phase that Cowboys have to go through. Maybe if there was a full offseason, they’d be past it, but it’s most likely going to last for much of this season.

And we may only be mediocre at best this year. But you know what? that’s what happens when you have to clean house a little bit and re-build your system (not talking about rebuilding the team).

If you ask me, this is about a 2 year project for Jason Garrett to get this franchise where it needs to be.

I know we’re in the “win now” league, but honestly the teams that have spent more than a season building their teams are the ones that stay on top for years and years.

And given the mess we’ve had for years because of Jerry, it’d be foolish for anyone to think we can fix everything and be in the same category as Patriots or Steelers after just one year.

Sorry. Reality Check.

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A relatively new blog known as ChiaCrack’s Cowboys Blog noted that Cowboys have signed former Atlanta and St. Louis receiver Laurent Robinson.

I have always been intrigued by Laurent Robinson, especially in fantasy football ( I know corny). He has good size and great speed, he ran a 4.38 40 at the NFL Combine back in 2007. He has had some injuries, a broken fibula in 2009 that set him back. He came back and had a decent season with the Rams last year, 34 catches 2 TD’s.

I love the signing because this gives a player the chance to succeed. Robinson is a guy who has a lot of talent (3rd round pick by the Falcons in 2007) and just has never lived up to his hype. I think in this system, he could become a big play guy. Somebody is in trouble, whether that is Jesse Holley or Kevin Ogletree we don’t know yet.

Love the signing Jerry, Stephen and Jason, great job guys. According to Robinson’s Twitter he is a Cowboy, I haven’t heard anything confirming it yet elsewhere.

It turns out, though, that the team is just bringing Robinson in for a workout. There had been talk that the Cowboys could bring in former first-round pick Donnie Avery, who is still a free agent.

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ween22 on the Classic Cowboys Forum at True Blue Fan Club wrote a post in 2009 about the Cowboys’ record on opening day. A poster named the emperor added an update for the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

Here is the information:

All time record on opening day: 34-16-1 (.676 winning percentage)

Record By Decade:
1960-69: 6-3-1
1970-79: 10-0
1980-89: 6-4
1990-99: 8-2
2000-09: 4-6
2010 — : 0-1

Record By Coach:
Tom Landry:  22-6-1
Jimmy Johnson:  3-2
Barry Switzer:  3-1
Chan Gailey:  2-0
Dave Campo:  0-3
Bill Parcells:  1-3
Wade Phillips:  3-1
Tidbits:We have outscored our opponents on opening day by a total of 1264-920 (an average of 25-18 per game)

We won an astonishing 17 consecutive season opening games from 1965-81, and 21 out of 22 from 1965-86

During that 22 game stretch we outscored our opponents by a total of 643-285 (an average of 29-13 per game)

We are 7-1 in opening games in seasons when we played in the Super Bowl.  The only loss came in 1993 when Emmitt was a holdout.

We are 14-2 in seasons where we played in the NFL (pre 1970) or NFC Conference Championship Game

In the 30 seasons where we made the playoffs we are 25-5 in the opener

Out of the 21 seasons we did not make the playoffs we are 9-11-1 in the opener

Our largest was margin of victory was against the Detroit Lions in 1968: 59-13

Our worst statistical loss was against the New Orlean Saints in 1989: 28-0

Our most embarrassing opening day loss (in my opinion) came in 2002 to the Houston Texans; their first ever NFL regular season game…maybe one of our worst non playoff losses ever

The most consecutive opening day losses was 5 from 2000 to 2004

Since 2007, we have won 3 out of the last 4 games

  • Rayschichtel

    Matt, I’d like to see us bring in Avery. Aside from his injuries, I could see this guy being that slot receiver. And as painful of an article as it was, I agree. JJ (the better of the 2 JJ’s) would have brought Merriweather in, being that he was an ex pro-bowler and former alumni of ‘The U’.