Tuesday Trivia: The Last Time the Cowboys Traveled to Play the Jets

This week’s trivia question focuses on the Cowboys’ 17-6 win over the New York Jets in 2003. That was the last time that the Cowboys faced the Jets at the old Meadowlands.

Here is the question:

The Cowboys trailed early in the game, 3-0, when one of the Jet players fumbled and the ball was recovered by a Dallas linebacker. That play set up a 31-yard touchdown run by Troy Hambrick, and the Cowboys never trailed again.

Who was the Jet player who fumbled, and which Dallas linebacker recovered?

* * *

Before the game in September 2003, there was an interesting exchange between former Jet coach Herm Edwards and former Cowboy coach Bill Parcells.

Parcells had returned to the Meadowlands in two consecutive weeks (with a bye in between), as the Cowboys beat the Giants in a thriller in week 2 and then came back to play the Jets. Edwards was in his third season with the Jets, having led the team to the playoffs for two consecutive years.

Edwards was 49 at the time, and he said he would not last as long in the NFL as Parcells, who was then 62.

”I promise you, I won’t do it to myself,” the 49-year-old Edwards said. ”I don’t have enough energy to last that long. I sleep four hours a day. I give everything I can to this team. You won’t see me at 60. In New York, it’s like dog years. I’ve been here three years, it’s really been six. When you start off like we start off, it’s like 10 years.”

Parcells didn’t buy it, replying:

‘Herm said no way he could be coaching when he’s 60?” Parcells said. ”You tell Herm that I made that statement, only it was 50. You get into the game, it beats you down and it eats you alive and then you find out. At some point, the game ceases to be a job and it becomes your life. And at some point, you no longer are ashamed of that. You say, ‘I can do it one more time.”’

Of course, Parcells had been involved when Edwards came on board because Parcells was still the Jets’ general manager. Edwards’ offensive coordinator in 2003 was, incidentally, former Cowboy offensive coach Paul Hackett.

Edwards lasted three more seasons in New York and then spent three years in Kansas City. His final season as a coach was 2008 when he was 54. Parcells coached until the end of the 2006 season when he was 65.

Both Parcells and Edwards went on to work at ESPN.

  • mitch21033

    I’m going with Curtis Martin

  • Anonymous

    Good try. It was receiver, though.

  • JK


  • Anonymous

    The receiver later went to the Redskins.

  • Jason Neighbors

    The receiver had to be Santonio Moss then. No idea who the linebacker was. I believe the starters that year were Coakley, Nguyen, and Al Singleton.

  • The receiver was Moss, and the linebacker was Singleton.