Friday Fun: Cowboys vs. Jets Crossword Puzzle

The puzzle below focuses on past games between the Cowboys and Jets. The teams have met nine times in the past, with Dallas holding a 7-2 record.

The hints in the puzzle include the following:

1. In 1971, this Dallas running back scored 3 TDs
2. This Dallas QB threw for 3 TDs vs. Jets in 1971.
3. Dallas QB threw a TD vs. Jets in 1975.
4. Dallas safety who returned a pick for a TD in 1975.
5. Starting Dallas QB vs. Jets in 1978
6. Dallas QB in 1987 during strike game vs. Jets
7. Scrub WR caught 2 TDs vs. Jets in 1987.
8. NY kicker who hit game-winner in 1999.
9. Dallas DB who returned INT for TD in 2007.
10. Dallas CB scored on INT return vs. Jets in 1993.

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