Tuesday Trivia: Missing Chip-Shot Field Goals

Dan Bailey joined the missed-a-chip-shot club among kickers in team history.

Dan Bailey might be able to sleep better if he knew that his miss on a 21-yard field-goal attempt was not the shortest miss in team history.

Of course, NFL goal posts were on the goal line until the 1974 season, so field-goal attempts could be shorter. Several Dallas kickers during the 1960s missed field goals from inside 19 yards, which would be like a miss from inside 29 yards in today’s game. These kickers including the likes of Fred Cone (1960), Allen Green (1961), Sam Baker (1963), Dick Van Raaphorst (1964), and Mike Clark (1969). Van Raaphorst has the infamous distinction of missing the most field goals from between 0 and 19 yards as he only connected on 6 of 9 such attempts in the ’64 season.

This leads us to today’s trivia question. Since the NFL moved the goal posts to the back of the end zone in 1974, only one Dallas kicker has missed a field-goal attempt of less than 20 yards. Which kicker was it, in what year did this happen, and against which team did this occur?

  • Jason Neighbors

    I’m thinking Nick Folk in the ’09 Saints game.

  • Anonymous

    Good guess. Folk missed a 24-yarder in that game. The kick I’m referring to occurred several years ago.

  • Jason Neighbors

    Jose Cortez in that San Fran game where Larry Allen almost squashed him into refried beans?

  • It was much earlier– Rafael Septien missed the kick in his debut with the Cowboys.

  • Anonymous

    It was much earlier. Rafael Septien missed the kick in his debut with the Cowboys.