Cowboys Go Nowhere in Power Rankings After Win Over 49ers

A total of 18 teams in the NFL are now 1-1, and there was a bunch of movement in the power rankings at the top.

Then there were the Cowboys, who sat in the middle of the pack after losing to the Jets and who remained in the same position a week later after beating San Francisco.

In fact, Dallas did not move at all in the three polls summarized below. Not sure what the odds of that are.

ESPN: 13th

Dallas stayed one ahead of Tampa Bay in ESPN’s poll, but the Cowboys could move past the likes of the Chargers or Lions.

Tony Romo quieted his critics, at least temporarily, by playing with a broken rib against the 49ers. Gutsy.

CBS (Pete Prisco): 12th

Dallas is slightly higher in Prisco’s poll, but the Redskins are right behind.

That was a big-time drive by Tony Romo. But this is a banged-up team that is getting ready to face the 2-0 Redskins.

Fox (Brian Billick): 14th

Billick has the Buccaneers ranked just ahead of Dallas, which drops Dallas to 14th on his list.

Could not have been a better way for the Cowboys to win this game. For Romo to come off the bench, with a rib injury, and lead this team to a come-from-behind win was huge for his confidence. The defensive secondary is beat up and Rob Ryan is writing some checks the back end can’t cash.

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