Nobody Handles Bad Snaps Like Tony Romo

Tony Romo may never win a Super Bowl and may go down in history as an overrated high-profile quarterback.

But nobody—nobody—can dispute his ability to handle a bad snap. Whether it’s against the Rams in 2007 or the Redskins in 2011, Romo can turn a 20-yard loss into a two-yard gain like nobody else.

The evidence:

For the sake of my argument, I will disregard this one…

…and especially this one…

…and just remember the good times.

* * *

Tuesday Trivia for the week:

In the game against the Rams in 2007, the Cowboys faced a 3rd-and-3 from the 50 when center Andre Gurode snapped the ball over Romo’s head. Romo’s scramble gave Dallas a first down.

The question: How did this drive end, and what impact did the drive have on the game?

  • Tonye is a great player although he couldn’t win but his tricks are  a great source to win the game.