Cowboys Jump in the Power Rankings but Face a Higher-Ranked Lions Team

In each of the three polls reviewed here, the Cowboys moved up a spot or two. However, Dallas faces a Detroit team that some have ranked as high as #2. Dallas hasn’t been that high since the days of the Triplets.

ESPN: #11 

The Cowboys jumped from #13 to #11 in the ESPN poll, which has the Lions ranked at #4.

Dallas LB Bradie James said the Cowboys are better than last year. He’s right.

I would hope so.

CBS, Pete Prisco: #9

Prisco has been high on the Cowboys since the off-season and has moved them back into the top 10. He has the Lions all the way to #2, though.

Don’t ever question Tony Romo’s toughness again. Did he ever tough it out Monday night. PS: He didn’t complain about the hits after the game, either.

Fox, Brian Billick: #12

The Cowboys moved from #14 to #12 on Billick’s list, jumping ahead of the Falcons and Eagles.

Tony Romo’s performance may have been one of the more courageous things I have seen. Not only that, he had to tell each receiver where to line up before every play. This team will only get better as the year goes on.

  • Ben

    I wish analysts would be a little more realistic in their rankings. How can Pete Prisco have the Lions ranked #2 overall in the NFL? That is absurd. They are an extremely talented team, but they are lucky to be mentioned in the top 5. At the end of the regular season there is no way Mr. Prisco will still have them at #2. What a joke. Hopefully the Boys can pull out an upset.