Friday Fun: Remembering 1994 Throwback Uniforms

The NFL celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1994, and as part of the celebration, teams wore throwback uniforms. While these uniforms are generally common today, they weren’t at the time. Teams rarely even had alternative jerseys in those days, so seeing the various teams in replicas of old uniforms was something of a treat.

Dallas unveiled its first throwback uniform on Monday Night Football on September 19, 1994 against the Lions. Below is a clip of that game, which the Cowboys lost in overtime thanks to a Troy Aikman fumble on a snap. The clip is worth watching mostly because of Jerry Jones’ reaction (@ 5:40) to the game-winning field goal.

This was a pretty faithful replica of the jerseys worn from 1960 to 1963. Dallas wore its silver helmets in the game, the players had their numbers across their backs, and the team did not have the same royal blue color as the original. Another side note about the original jerseys is that Dallas did not wear white at home until after the team adopted the silver helmets and silver pants starting in 1964.

Here are the originals—

Original jerseys from 1960.


A graphic of the uniform worn from 1960 to 1963.

After the Cowboys’ 20-17 loss to the Lions, the team put the genuine throwbacks away. On Thanksgiving, Dallas unveiled a new double-star uniform that looked nothing like the genuine throwbacks.

The second version of the “throwback” in 1994.

* * *

Yes, the video shows the same Jason Hanson who kicks for the Lions today. He is now in his 20th season, and though he missed half of last year, he’s come back at a perfect eight for eight.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys seem to have found a kicker in Dan Bailey, but who knows how long he will last. For comparison purposes, consider how many kickers the Cowboys have had to use since Hanson first earned the Lions’ job in 1992.

Lin Elliott

Eddie Murray (a former Lion himself)

Chris Boniol

Richie Cunningham

Eddie Murray (same one)

Tim Seder

Jon Hilbert

Tim Seder

Billy Cundiff

Shaun Suisham

Jose Cortez

Shaun Suisham

Billy Cundiff

Mike Vanderjagt

Martin Gramatica

Nick Folk

Shaun Suisham

David Buehler

Dan Bailey

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