Cowboys Sink (Stink?) in the Week 5 Power Rankings

The Cowboys’ self-destruction against the Lions caused the team to drop in each of the power-ranking lists reviewed below. Not a shock.

ESPN: #17

The Cowboys fell from #11 to #17 in ESPN’s poll.

Another historic collapse leaves the Cowboys at .500 heading into a bye week that will be dominated by more questions about Tony Romo. (Fox)

CBS (Pete Prisco): #12

Surprisingly, Prisco still has Dallas ranked ahead of Tampa Bay and Atlanta.

The Tony Romo implosion is going to be tough to bounce back from for this team. They have two weeks to stew about it with their bye coming up.

Fox (Brian Billick)

Dallas fell five spots in Billick’s poll. He ranks the Cowboys just ahead of San Francisco and Philadelphia.

It is time to face the facts. The Cowboys are an average team with average talent. The play calling is worth questioning just as much as Tony Romo’s performance, particularly given the 24-point second-half lead. Over the next three weeks, they travel to New England and Philly, with St. Louis sandwiched between. Going 2-1 will be a success.

Average talent? Did you hear that, Jerry? Average talent.

  • Lex031

    Dez is not average he is the optimums prime to Calvin’s megatron we just have to get Garrett. To stop calling his number in the second half

  • Lex031

    *not calling