Dallas Cowboys Official Weekly from October 12, 1985

White and Dorsett: Chasing Immortality in the NFL Records

A reader named Bruce Lombard earlier this year most generously sent me a stack of copies of the old Dallas Cowboys Official Weekly from the 1985 season and 1986 offseason. Each Wednesday, we will take a look at some interesting tidbits in these issues.

The focus this week is in the issue published on October 12, 1985.

Cowboys Come from Behind to Beat Giants, 30-29

The Cowboys had another wild game in a week 5 win against the Giants at the Meadowlands. Rafael Septien overcame a poor performance in week 4 to kick three field goals in the fourth quarter. His 31-yarder with 2:19 left was enough to give Dallas the win.

The Cowboys trailed at one point 26-14 in the third quarter. Though QB Danny White finished with 342 yards and three touchdowns, he also threw four interceptions (though one came on a Hail Mary at the end of the first half). Giant QB Phil Simms fumbled twice in the fourth quarter, and both were costly.

Said head coach Tom Landry, “We feel good right now at 4-1—I don’t care how you win to get there.”

Dallas Ranked #5

Chicago held on to the #1 sport in the magazine’s top 10 poll, while the Cowboys climbed to #5. Here is the list:

1. Chicago (5-0)
2. Miami (4-1)
3. L.A. Rams (5-0)
4. San Francisco (3-2)
5. Dallas (4-1)
6. St. Louis (3-1)
7. Denver (3-2)
8. L.A. Raiders (3-2)
9. N.Y. Giants (3-2)
10. N.Y. Jets (4-1)

Two-Way Player

The early Cowboys had some player who played both offense and defense, including Gene Babb, Mike Rowdle, and Mel Renfro. In 1985, the team added a new two-way player in tight end/linebacker Brian Salonen. He was then the University of Montana’s all-time greatest receiver and had made the Cowboys’ roster in 1984.

Questioning Tom Landry

Writer Frank Luska summarized several callers’ questions about Tom Landry’s playcalling during the team’s win over the Oilers in week 4. Luska then commented,

The consensus is obvious. Landry doesn’t have a clue. Behind those piercing blue eyes lies an empty attic.

However, there are plausible explanations for each of the above questions. A four-in-one answer goes like this: If Rafael Septien didn’t miss four field goals and Tony Hill didn’t drop one of two touchdowns passes that struck his hands, none of this would have come up.

Luska noted that the concerns over the play-calling needed further analysis and understand Landry’s logic. However, it does show that Landry was subject to harsh criticism.

Former Cowboys Successful in Business

Several former members of the Cowboys had experienced success in business after their pro careers ended. The players include the likes of…

Chuck Howley (owner of a uniform rental firm)

Lee Roy Jordan (owner of a lumber company)

Charlie Waters (owner of a real estate business)

Billy Joe DuPreee (owner of  construction firm)

Larry Cole (residential development)

Walt Garrison (vice president of accounts for United States Tobacco)

Harvey Martin (real estate)

D.D. Lewis (owner of a swimming-pool business)

Robert Newhouse (owner of several business ventures)

Cliff Harris (oil business)

Preston Pearson (founder of a marketing firm)

Jethro Pugh (land investments)

Roger Staubach (president of a commercial real-estate business and employer of Bob Breunig, Bob Hayes, and Bob Shaw)

Danny White and Tony Dorsett Rank High on All-Time Lists

Both White and RB Tony Dorsett ranked very high in respective all-time statistical lists.

As of 1985, White had a career QB rating of 82.7, which was just behind Roger Staubach and ranked fourth all-time. The top two QBs then were Joe Montana and Otto Graham.

Dorsett was getting closer to the 10,000-yard mark. He ranked #7 on the list with 9,525 yards at the time of publication.


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