Tuesday Trivia: Shutting Out the Cowboys

The last time the Cowboys visited the New England Patriots was 2003, which was Bill Parcells’ first season as the Dallas coach. Adam Vinatieri kicked two field goals and Antowain Smith rushed for a touchdown in a 12-0 shut out win for New England. That marked the last time the Cowboys suffered a shutout loss.

The loss to the Patriots was actually the second shutout during the 2003 season, with the first taking place against Tampa Bay. Dallas was also shut out twice in 2000 by Tennessee and Baltimore.

Here is today’s question: during which season did the Cowboys suffer three shutout losses, and which teams shut the Cowboys out during that season?

  • Jacky

    It was that horrible 1-15 season. New Orleans got us 28-0, Philly got us 27-0 and the Giants got us 15-0.

  • Anonymous

    Yep. Not to bring back bad memories…but those are pretty bad memories.