Dallas Cowboys Official Weekly from October 19, 1985

Dexter Clinkscale: Who the Bleep is This Guy?

A reader named Bruce Lombard earlier this year most generously sent me a stack of copies of the old Dallas Cowboys Official Weekly from the 1985 season and 1986 offseason. Each Wednesday, we will take a look at some interesting tidbits in these issues.

The focus this week is in the issue published on October 19, 1985.

Ask Tex Schramm: Explain the Hole in the Roof at Texas Stadium

A reader asked Tex Schramm to explain the hole in the roof at Texas Stadium. Schramm explained the design as follows:

When Clint Murchison originally conceived and designed the stadium, he felt that football was a game to be played outdoors. He also envisioned the comfort that would be afforded the fans by domed stadiums that would be built in the future. The Astrodome had already set the pace. So, Clint attempted to split the difference. He would protect the fans from the elements with a roof, but would leave the center open so the game could be played with fresh air and a view of the sky.

There were also preliminary plans to provide a retractable roof, even possibly using the balloon type covering you see now. The technology, however, was not perfected in time so the hold remained as you see it today.

Cowboys Dominate Steelers

The Cowboys improved to 5-1 after beating Pittsburgh 27-13 at Texas Stadium. The defense forced three interceptions, while Tony Dorsett rushed for 113 yards and a touchdown.

With the win, Dallas moved up to #4 on the Top Ten NFL Poll, trailing Chicago, Miami, and the L.A. Rams.

Fur Show for Fun

Ten members of the Cowboys and their wives participated in a showcase of fur fashions. Among the models were Phil Pozderac, Mark Tuinei, Everson Walls, Dennis Thurman, Gary Hogeboom, Jim Cooper, Tom Rafferty, Kurt Peterson, Eugene Lockhart, and Michael Downs. I’ll spare you from having to see the pictures.

Cover Story: Dexter Clinkscale

The cover story featured defensive back Dexter Clinkscale. He overcome long odds to become a starter with the Cowboys, and the story focused on his childhood with four brother in South Carolina.

Big New Fullback

A fullback named John Williams saw some playing time against the Steelers, gaining 15 yards on six carries. The magazine included a story on him and even displayed his picture on the cover. The caption: “Fullback with a future.”

(Bad title: He never ran the ball again for the Cowboys and was released before the end of the 1985 season. He wound up in Seattle).

Ed Jones: Best Season in Several Years

“Too Tall” Jones told Brad Sham that he was off to his best season in several years.

…I still enjoy the game. I look forward to Sundays. Last year [1984] was very frustrating, after not making the playoffs, which is only the second time during my entire career that we didn’t make the playoffs. And I certainly don’t want to have anything to do with us not making the playoffs this year…

Jones finished the 1985 season with 13 sacks, a career high.

Reader: Compare Hogeboom and Terry Bradshaw

A reader named Roger Robins of Filer, Idaho (formerly of Irving, Texas) asked the magazine to compare statistics of Gary Hogeboom and Pittsburgh QB Terry Bradshaw. Robins thought the two quarterbacks shared similarities.

As it turns out, Hogeboom’s statistics as a starter in 1984 (his fourth season in the league) compared favorably with those of Bradshaw in 1973 (also his fourth season in the league). In fact, Hogeboom’s passer rating was actually higher than Bradshaw’s.

(Of course, Bradshaw led the Steelers to a title in 1974. Hogeboom was gone from Dallas by 1986).

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