DeMarco Murray’s Day Helps Cowboys in the Power Rankings

One strike away. Twice. It’s even more painful than the Cowboys blowing a 27-3 lead because of two picks returned for touchdowns.

Oh, about the NFL power rankings…

Most of this week’s focus has been on DeMarco Murray’s unbelievable game against the Rams last Sunday. The question is, of course, whether he can repeat.

ESPN: #18

Dallas jumped up three spots in ESPN’s poll.

Finally, the Cowboys got a blowout win, thanks to rookie DeMarco Murray’s 253 rushing yards, the most by a player this season.

Fox (Brian Billick): #18

Dallas jumped ahead of Washington in Brian Billick’s poll.

If DeMarco Murray’s explosion for 253 yards rushing, which allowed Tony Romo to have to attempt only 24 passes, can be a template for the Cowboys going forward, then they can become a legitimate force in the NFC. If, brother, if.

Thanks, coach. But you are not my brother.

CBS (Pete Prisco): #14

Prisco just wants to keep Dallas in the top 10. The Cowboys are back to #14 on his list.

I still think this is a team nobody will want to play later in the season. They have talent. They have a huge game coming up against the Eagles this week.

C’mon, not another talent comment.

Bleacher Report (Matt Miller): #13

Adding a new one for this week: power rankings on Bleacher Report. This writer puts the Cowboys at #13.

So this is what the Dallas Cowboys look like when everyone plays up to their potential. Oh, wait, they played the St. Louis Rams? Never mind.

Don’t get too excited about the Cowboys beating a winless St. Louis Rams team on Sunday. I say that even as I move them up four spots, but that’s more due to the losses by the Buccaneers, Raiders and Chargers.

I have said all season that Dallas is good enough to make a run at the division title. The Cowboys need to play every week like they are facing the Rams.

What If Sports: #3

Last week, I posted the What If Sports’ power ranking just for some meaningless optimism. At that point, the Cowboys ranked #7. In this week’s poll (based on winning percentage where every team plays every other team 100 times), the Cowboys rank third. The teams ahead of Dallas are Green Bay and Detroit. Philadelphia ranks #17.

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