Philadelphia 34, Dallas 7: Thoroughly Stomped

Rob Ryan introduced his version of the Can’t Stop Anyone defense that the ’10 Cowboys made so famous.

When the Eagles signed Nnambi Asomugha in July, I wrote:

[H]ere’s a picture when Dallas travels to Philly on October 30:

Asomugha lines up on Miles Austin and completely takes Austin out of the game.

Asante Samuel lines up on Dez Bryant and holds the second-year receiver to an average game.

Rodgers-Cromartie might not have anyone to cover, given that the Cowboys’ slot receiver right now is…

Wait, who is the Cowboys’ third receiver? Kevin Ogletree and his ten career receptions? Manny Johnson and his one career catch? 6th-round pick Dwayne Harris?

So Rodgers-Cromartie superfluously double-teams a receiver or lines up on Jason Witten.

Tonight was October 30. Austin didn’t catch a pass until the third quarter, and he finished with only 3 receptions for 27 yards. Bryant caught 3 for 28. Witten caught 4 for 28.

As for the Cowboys’ third receiver, it is now Laurent Robinson, who saved Dallas from its first shutout since 2003 when he got behind the secondary in the fourth quarter and hauled in a 70-yard touchdown pass. That cut the Eagle lead to 34-7.

Before that (and after), the Eagles did anything they wanted against the Cowboys. LeSean McCoy rushed for 185 yards on 30 carries, often making four- or five-yard gains out of nothing. Michael Vick added 50 rushing yards to go with 279 passing yards with 2 passing touchdowns. Brent Celek ran free over the middle for much of the night, and he caught 7 passes for 94 yards and a touchdown.

This game marks the eighth time that the Eagles have beaten the Cowboys by 27 or more points. Half of those games took place between 2000 and 2004, and the last was the 44-6 drubbing to end the Cowboys’ 2008 season. Tonight’s game had a feeling quite similar to that 2008 game.

The Eagles’ first-half drives:

8 plays, 84 yards, touchdown.

7 plays, 90 yards, touchdown.

11 plays, 67 yards, touchdown.

13 plays, 83 yards, field goal.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys gained a total of 79 yards in the first half on 19 plays.

Good luck finding a highlight in the first half.

And nothing got better in the third quarter. Dallas touched the ball twice. After getting a first down on the opening drive of the game, Dallas went nowhere.

The Cowboys punted with more than 12 minutes left and didn’t get the ball back until 5:55 remained in the third quarter. The second drive of the third quarter resulted in two yards on three plays.

By the time Romo hit Robinson on the long touchdown pass, Philadelphia led 34-0. Romo managed to drive the team inside the 5 later in the fourth, but two passes to Witten near the goal line failed, as did a pass to Bryant (though to be fair, Asomugha interfered on the play).

On defense, the Cowboys lost Sean Lee to a wrist injury early, and Keith Brooking and Bradie James had to man both inside linebacker spots. Brooking looked like he was nine games away from retirement. James won’t be far behind him. It was sad.

DeMarcus Ware somehow recorded four sacks. Most had to agree with Al Michaels’ comment that those were the quietest four sacks imaginable.

On offense, DeMarco Murray looked pretty good with limited opportunities. He had 74 yards on only eight carries.

Dallas hosts Seattle next Sunday.

  • Rayschichtel

    That was the most shameful game I’ve witnessed since 2008 disaster. It was painful to read your article almost as much as the game itself. Shell shocked..

  • Mmseven63

    You’re right Rayshichtel.  I’m a Cowboys’ fan until the end, and that game was the end for me.  This performance was pathetic by a so called professional team.  The Boys’ were dominated from the beginning until the end.  I’m so fed up and disappointed with backing a losing cause (the boys), i’m at a lost for words.  Wow this

  • Sodashark

    Jason Garret has to go. He’s been the problem all along. Romo has been taking the heat, but Garret is the real problem.

  • Anonymous

    I never got a chance to get angry last night. It was practically all over after five minutes. Shameful is the best word for it.

  •  they are regressing  at warp speed