Mastering Mediocrity

I’ve written about this before, but there were a number of similarities between the 1991 Cowboys and the 2009 Cowboys. A short summary: both teams went 11-5, and both teams won playoff games for the first time in several years. And both lost badly in the divisional round of the playoffs to end their seasons.

The team followed up on its success in 1991 in amazing fashion. Between 1992 and 1995, the Cowboys had a combined regular season record of 49-15.  We all know about the three Super Bowl titles.

The 2010 and 2011 Cowboys have already managed 14 losses in less than a season and a half. I know everyone can count, but that’s one fewer loss in a season and a half than the 1990s team had over four full seasons.

I fully realize that what happened during the dynasty years has nothing to do with today’s team. But fans are not the only ones who make frequent comparisons with the glory days. It would be impossible to count how many references Jerry Jones has made to the 1990s team while trying to create hype for this mediocre mess he’s created much more recently.

Jerry’s comment about Sunday’s game against Philadelphia:

Owner Jerry Jones told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio that the Eagles game in Philly has been circled on the calendar since training camp.  Jones said he sees it as a significant opportunity to make a statement about who the Cowboys are as a football team.  Jones also believes the game could possibly be a spring board toward a special season.

Please. Jerry is entitled to say whatever he wants, but there is simply no reason at all to listen to anything coming out of Valley Ranch. Someone try to explain why I’m wrong. You can have my blog if you can do so.

There also may not be any reason to listen to anything coming from Jason Garrett. He isn’t the bumbling fool in the press conferences that Wade Phillips was, but what Garrett says is all too predictable. He apparently liked the effort against the Eagles. He said he had no concerns about Keith Brooking and Bradie James playing the inside linebacker positions. His team needs to execute better.

Super. Maybe the team can then win more than two in a row. That hasn’t happened since the 2009 season, which seems so long ago right now.

  • Rob Christ

    Garrett is so FULL OF HIMSELF. There was definatly a PREPERATION problem, and I would like to rub some Preperation H on him, cause he is a pain in the behind. Ginger needs to go, should have never got the job in the first place. He threw games to make Wade look bad to get the job, now he has proved that he is a 3rd rate QB and an even worse coach. He would be fine for a Jr High Team, but I don’t think he is even smart enought to teach a Basket Weaving Class so that is out too. LOSER! Cowboy’s fans who thought he was going to be soooooo good – well now you know you should not had drank the Kool-Aid.

  • Anonymous

    There are quite a few long-time fans who agree with what you are saying.