Jerry Liked the Effort vs. the Eagles, and Romo Has Become a Verb

I noted yesterday

Jerry is entitled to say whatever he wants, but there is simply no reason at all to listen to anything coming out of Valley Ranch. Someone try to explain why I’m wrong. You can have my blog if you can do so.

I wrote that before I read this post tonight. The relevant portion:

In fact, what he told 105.3 The Fan FM following the loss was, “I like the way our guys competed.”

Jones did betray some emotion in speaking with reporters, according to the account today on ESPN Dallas–which noted that Jones seemed none too pleased fielding questions about why he wasn’t all that dejected by the loss. Nonetheless, he seemed to want to make the fact that he wasn’t dejected very clear.

“I think we’ll go right back. We just have to do that,” Jones said. “In my life, I’ve stuck my head in the sand and not recognized and dwelled on the situation, because if you do, you’ll become the situation. I just want us to move on past this one.”

Jerry, I think we all know that you’ve stuck your head somewhere. But thankfully, I don’t think I’ll need to give my blog away.

* * *

The only reason I had any interest in San Diego-Kansas City game was to see if Ryan Mathews, Jackie Battle, and Derrick Johnson could help me win in some of my fantasy football leagues (and they did). I felt some sympathy for Charger fans, given how the Cowboys have blown some games this year.

If you missed it, with less than a minute left in the game and the Chargers in field goal range, all Philip Rivers had to do was sit on the ball or complete a simple handoff. Instead, he dropped the snap from center, and San Diego lost the ball. The Chargers eventually lost the game in overtime.

One of the blogs had several dozen comments (as you would expect) right after the fumble. Here were a few of them:

I’ve read about Tebowing, but this was the first time in a while I’ve heard Romo’s name used as a verb.

So way to go, Tony! When does the website go up?

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