Tuesday Trivia: Backs with 400 Yards in Three Consecutive Games

DeMarco Murray followed up on his 253-yard performance in week 6 by gaining 74 yards against the Rams and another 139 against the Seahawks. His three-game total of 466 yards is the highest among any Dallas running back in history.

Murray is one of only four players who have gained 400 yards or more over a three-game stretch. Two of those backs are named Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorsett. More on them in a minute.

Today’s trivia question: who was the other back besides Murray, Smith, and Dorsett?

* * *

Smith had three-game totals of more than 400 yards seven times during his career. All of these occurred between 1992 and 1995. His best three-game total came in weeks 6, 7, and 8 in 1993 when he gained 92 yards vs. San Francisco, 237 yards vs. Philadelphia, and 117 yards vs. the Giants. This gave him a total of 446 yards.

He also had three-game totals of 427 and 425 yards during the 1995 season.

Dorsett’s best three-game total occurred in weeks 1, 2, and 3 of the 1981 season when he had a total of 423 yards. He gained 132 yards against Washington, 129 yards against St. Louis, and 162 yards against New England.

  • Timothytrump

    How about Julius Jones?  He had a pretty good run in his first season.  Did not cheat and look it up on Pro Football Reference. Do we have an answer yet on the other previous trivia question?

  • Timothytrump

    Double checked and Julius Jones hit the 400 yard mark in three games in 2004.  Had 150 yards in win over the Bears, followed by 198 yards against Seattle in another win.  Had 88 in loss to Saints for three game total of 436.

  • Anonymous

    Nice job. I would have thought Herschel had done so in 1988, given that number of yards he finished with. Not the case.

  • Jason Neighbors

    Let’s hope DeMarco Murray turns out better than Julius Jones :0

  • Anonymous


  • Charlie_Ginn

    JJ his rookie year… I think one of those games was the matchup against Seattle?