Dallas Cowboys Official Weekly from November 9, 1985

Ed Jones and Mike Hegman were longtime teammates and were featured in the November 9, 1985 issue of Dallas Cowboys Official Weekly.

A reader named Bruce Lombard earlier this year most generously sent me a stack of copies of the old Dallas Cowboys Official Weekly from the 1985 season and 1986 offseason. Each Wednesday, we will take a look at some interesting tidbits in these issues.

The focus this week is in the issue published on November 9, 1985.

Ask Tex Schramm: NFL Teams Picking Their Own Schedules

Someone asked Tex Schramm why NFL teams weren’t given a date or two per season to schedule their own games.


Schramm responded that teams did so during the preseason but that teams would be so focused on winning that they would schedule games that would put them in the best position to win. And this would not include scheduling tough, emotional rivalries.

Cowboys Blow a 10-Point Lead at St. Louis

The Cowboys did not have an easy schedule in weeks 9 and 10 of the 1985 season. They had to travel to St. Louis on a Monday night, followed six days later by a trip to Washington.

The St. Louis trip could have at least gone better.

Even playing in what Tom Landry called “the dullest first half I’ve ever seen,” the Cowboys led 10-0 at halftime.  However, the Cardinals rallied behind two Neil Lomax touchdown passes, and St. Louis won 21-10. The loss dropped Dallas to 6-3 and into a first-place tie with the Giants.

Jones and Hegman: Longtime Teammates

By 1985, Too Tall Jones was in his 11th season with the Cowboys. For 10 of those seasons, one of his teammates was Mike Hegman, who was drafted by the Cowboys one year after the team had picked Jones. The two had also been teammates at Tennessee State, where Jones was an All-American and Hegman was among the team leaders in tackles.

Both were still going strong in 1985. Jones already had seven sacks at the midway point of the season, and Hegman ranked fourth in the team list of tackles.

Players Talk about Cowboys-Redskins Rivalry

The issue included a number of comments from current (then) and former players and coaches about the rivalry between the Cowboys and Redskins. A few of the better ones are below.

Harvey Martin, on the Cowboys’ 35-34 win over Washington in 1979, keeping Washington out of the playoffs: “They got nothing; they deserve to go home for Christmas.”

George Allen, on Tex Schramm: “Tex and Dallas are always carrying the Holy Grail.”

Roger Staubach, on George Allen: “You go golfing with him and he’s diagramming plays on a napkin.”

Ed Jones, on trailing the Redskins 28-0 in 1974: “I was thinking if I were home watching this thing on TV, I would have thrown something through the set.”

Clint Murchison, to President Jimmy Carter after Carter told everyone how “great” the Redskins’ win over Dallas was in 1978: “It was lousy.”

Roger Staubach Thought the Jury was Still Out on the Chicago Bears

Heading into week 10, the Chicago Bears were 9-0 and looked unstoppable. Roger Staubach thought, however, that nobody had really tested the Bears. “(Y)ou don’t really know if they can keep this pace.”

(We’ll get to a certain game against the Cowboys in a couple of weeks…)

New Punter Having a Solid Season

The Cowboys had a new punter in 1985. He was cut by the Detroit Lions in 1984 but made the Cowboys’ 1985 squad as a free agent. By midseason, he had a 45.0-yard average.

At the time of this issue, Saxon was dating a model named Sheri Monson from California. The couple liked to go out with Steve and Diana DeOssie after games.

(No idea whether Saxon married Monson, though. They planned to get married in 1987).

  • Jason Neighbors

    Saxon would have been one of the few Cowboys on that team to later get a SB ring. Bates and Tuinei are the only other two I can think of. Oh yeah, Jeffcoat.

  • Anonymous

    Those are the only four. Newton got there in 1986.

    I should have posted some of the pictures of the profiled players near the end of each issue. Almost all of them lived in modest apartments. The piece on Saxon shows him driving a scooter around the apartment complex lot.