Jerry Jones Commits Blasphemy

In yesterday’s post, I noted that the Dallas Cowboys Official Weekly from November 9, 1985 listed a series of quotes from Dallas and Washington players. That was, of course, the year that fans at Texas Stadium wished Joe Theismann a happy birthday after a 44-14 Dallas win.

Without question, that was the Cowboys’ greatest rivalry. You saw real animosity.

When you compared teams, they looked nothing like one another. Washington had its Over-the-Hill Gang, the Hogs, the Diesel, the one-back offense. Dallas had its stars, its multiple offense, the flex defense.

The bottom line: Dallas would never mimic Washington to achieve success and vice versa. That was true whether the Washington coach was George Allen, Jack Pardee, or Joe Gibbs.

So today the Dallas Morning News ran a piece about whether Jason Garrett should hire an offensive coordinator. Jimmy Johnson said he thought it would be a good idea.

Remember Jimmy Johnson? Architect of the dynasty? Two Super Bowl titles? Yeah, that guy.

Jerry’s response:

Joe Gibbs is a guy who believes that that head coach needs to be in charge of either the offense or the defense and needs to be the coordinator. It brings you stature; it involves you in the game and gives you more respect with the players.

Uh, Jerry, you just disregarded Jimmy’s advice and cited Joe Gibbs in support of your position. Of the many things I’d rather concern myself with, such as finding my daughter a good bedtime story to read, worrying about whether you understand not to cite Redskins in support of your opinion is not one of those things.

So please learn from this. Thanks.

* * *

This means nothing, really, but if DeMarco Murray could have a 16-game season with the numbers he has put up since taking over for an injured Felix Jones, Murray would have 2,485 yards on only 293 carries. Sounds like the receiving numbers Miles Austin used to put up. At least I think he used to put those numbers up.

* * *

The offensive line, which was supposed to be a work in progress, has been pretty solid this season on paper.

Dallas currently ranks 13th in the league in rushing yards (thanks to the emergence of Murray, of course). But the Cowboys rank higher in sacks allowed (15, tied for seventh) and QB hits (33, also tied for 7th).

In 2010, the Cowboys ranked 16th in rushing yards, 11th in sacks, and 18th in QB hits.

  • Jason Neighbors

    Hey Matt, I thought you weren’t going to listen to Jerry anymore. When are you going to learn your lesson? ­čÖé

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I routinely take principled positions and then routinely disappoint myself.