Romo’s Great Day Sets Completion Percentage Mark

Tony Romo started yesterday’s game against Buffalo by completing his first 13 passes. By the end of the game, he had only thrown three incompletions on 26 attempts for a completion percentage of 88.5%.

As you may have read, that set the team mark for completion percentage for any QB who has attempted at least 10 passes in a game. Danny White was the previous leader in this category when he completed 87.5% of his passes against the Eagles in 1983.

Dallas QBs have completed at least 80% of their passes on at least 10 attempts a total of 18 times, including Sunday. Here is the list:

  • Timothytrump

    Nice list Matt.  Thanks for your hard work on compiling this.  I qwould encourage readers to click on the date for each particular game and review the box scores.  Interesting to see how the different games played out and also who else was outstanding in the game along with the cited QB. For instance, in the 1968 game with Don Meredith as the QB, Craig Morton played extensively (he had more pass attempts than Meredith) which added to the total passing yardage and also another TD pass.